“Not your Mama’s KitchenAid” Photo Shoot

Just this last Monday we did a photo shoot in Seattle! I have wanted to do this shoot for sometime now.

I am a very detailed person who likes to have things done in a particular way. That being said, it has taken a while to find what I was looking for.

If you haven’t seen my work or not familiar with it, I airbrush, hand paint, & customize KitchenAid Mixers! I do other things, but the KitchenAids are by far my personal favs!

I had this vision for marketing my Custom Painted KitchenAid mixers. I wanted this picture perfect vintage kitchen. It had to have all the cool elements of the 40’s. I looked endlessly. I found nothing for months. The stress started to build and I was at a loss. I thought I was going to have to build a set. Ya know, like the movies?

I kept doing research on the internet. I thought ok, I’ll give Craigslist a try. I searched for a vintage kitchen. A few listings popped up and I found Urban Light Studios. I went to their site and saw this amazing place photographers could rent. I decided to email them inquiring about a vintage kitchen I needed.

A few moments later I got a response. They said “We actually do have this great loft style kitchen with a 1940’s red stove.” I was in shock- We decided to schedule a time, so I could come and see the stove in person. I drove to Seattle a few days later. The stove was perfect! I was a little worried about the kitchen counters since they were so dark.

When I returned home I contacted my friend and photographer Heather Lynn and told her all about it. She was just as excited, if not more excited than me! We started to discuss all the details and ideas we had…

The next step was planning a few more mixers for the shoot. I had just sent some off to Florida; I needed more. I also needed to figure out props, hair, makeup, and most important…the theme!

I researched everywhere on the net for a dress. I couldn’t find anything to my liking. I wanted something original and timeless 40’s. I decided to wait and look for a makeup artist.

I kept coming across this profile on model mayhem for a girl named Fresh Face Stace. Her work is PERFECTION! I continued to look around to make sure that was the “one.” I decided to contact her and inquire about her services. I was a bit worried since she appeared so high profile. She got back with me and to my surprise she was available in the next month! Not only could she do makeup, she could also do vintage hair! I was soo excited.

Everything seemed to effortlessly fall into place. It was unbelievable! I have to thank God! I had kept my faith that this was indeed meant to be!

Following that I found my dress a week before the shoot at Salvage Life! It was also by complete accident! I was looking for a dress for Jade in google images. I thought she might lend it to me for the shoot, so I emailed her. Needless to say, I didn’t receive a response fast enough {Mike also teased me all night in a whisper “buy the dress”} and bought the dress. LOL yeah, I couldn’t wait. I saw it had over 2,300 hits and over 125 people favored it on Etsy. I was so scared I’d lose it I couldn’t sleep that night until I knew it was mine! Little did I know {until Beth contacted me} that there was a potential buyer for the dress the following day!

I found Jade’s dress at Little Flowers. Little Flowers only makes dresses to order, but had some sample dresses. I had them send me the list and a few pics. They didn’t have the exact dress I wanted, but one pretty close in an orange color. It was tea length and needed to be shortened.

Thanks to Angela Kay my alterations and Apron were done just a few days before our shoot!

My jewelry was spot on and thanks to Jennifer G. From Lia Sophia who made it happen! It was very last minute! Leave it to me to find the perfect thing days before and important event!!!

I had this great idea to make a faux cake for the shoot for the yellow cake plate. Lets just say the night before I ran out of time and was left to rely on a grocery store to save me! I know if I ever need anything classy Haggen is the place to go. I ended up rolling out at 11pm to pickup a cake.

My theme was going to be lemons and lemon yellow since I have this crazy addiction! Sure enough I get my way back to the bakery and wow! A freakin’ lemon tart cake with lemon frosting and white flowers. It couldn’t be more perfect!

Everything was perfection. Everything fell into place so nice! I couldn’t believe it- The day came so fast and went by even faster. I felt like it all happened in a blink of an eye and next thing ya know we’re packing up for the ride home!

I feel so blessed to have worked with such an amazing group of friends and artists. I love to collaborate and share my love for color. I look forward to getting to do this again in the future!

So, this I believe pretty much sums it up! I know I lost track since Mike wanted me to help him lol and figure you may get the point!

A special thanks to my wonderful man Mike for his support! He took the day off for me, helped me bring in my products, and set up!


6 responses to ““Not your Mama’s KitchenAid” Photo Shoot

  1. Yes…did you do the baby buggy for them? I was always curious. I thought maybe it was that famous flame guy that’s in snohomish…wait a minute. Okay I just put two and two together. I scrolled back- is that the same Mike that I see in your picture? lol Oh goodness, I need to catch up.

    • Yes, I do all the airbrushed artwork for Bee Bops & Lollipops 🙂 Mike is the “famous fire guy” and he was who I apprenticed with. Long story, but we are also in a relationship. He is amazing to say the least ❤

      If you were to come by the shop, Mike is who I share space with 🙂

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