Happy Valentine’s Day!

So I guess the cats outta the bag??

Today was the day that one of my custom collaborations hit the famous Pioneer Woman’s blog! Ree Drummond is well-known for blogging about amazing recipes and has a hell of a sense of humor. I’ve followed her for some time since my friend Tanya got me hooked.

I can’t help but want to read more about her travels, family life, and of course her funny commentary that comes along with it. That’s the best part. It makes you wonder what the next day will bring. Honestly, I can’t figure out what gives her so much material to write about. I’m lucky if I blog once every 3 months lol.

So I know I’ve kept things under wraps for some time regarding my collaborations with the most awesome corporation we all know as KitchenAid. I’ve purposely kept it quiet until I was ready. I’ve done some really great and fun pieces with them and feel very blessed to even have had the opportunity.

I am so committed to them {KitchenAid} that I will not paint on a competitors model, so please don’t ask. That’s not my style and I’m very loyal to the corporation!

Back to the Pioneer Woman design, it was great to have worked with the woman herself to design a custom KitchenAid mixer to reflect her recent book Black Heels. She is great person and a pleasure to work with. I had a lot of fun getting these babies going. I will admit the initial design process was quite challenging. The reason being that the mixer is curved and um, yes, that flat artwork has to fit somewhere right? So after several ideas rendered {digitally} we had our mixer!

So here it is 🙂

Enter to win this awesome mixer HERE or get to see more images posted by PW on her blog. If you’re not already a fan, you will be.

A Special Thanks to KitchenAid, and CHEFS Catalog for allowing me to have this opportunity and a fun experience!

If you’d love to have a custom mixer to reflect your style, visit my site at Un Amore or email me at info@un-amore.com


21 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. The mixer turned out great! I love the Pioneer Woman too! She is a hoot! You might see about making one for Bakerella too! I entered the contest! You are seriously amazing Nicole, like seriously. xoxo girl!

  2. Ree’s posts on Pioneer Woman led me to your site. You are amazingly talented, and I wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece. I am in love with every other KitchenAid you’ve customized and featured on your site.

    Our KitchenAids are iconic, and your artistry takes an already beautiful thing and makes it so deeply personal–and I thought my mixer was already my best friend in the kitchen.

    I just wanted to say thank you for working on the Pioneer Woman mixer. You seriously rock!


  3. That is the most amazingly beautiful mixer artwork I have ever seen! I am entered in PW’s giveaway today and I have my fingers crossed!
    I am glad that Ree gave us your website/blog address. I am now a fan of yours!

  4. Frist you must know that I am also completely in love with my kitchenaid , and it is boring hospital white. But I lovingly wipe it down each and every time she gets used and treat it as a man would treat a classic car.
    When I first set my peepers on Ree’s stunning mixer I went weak in the knees! I wanted to win in the worst way. Course that didnt happen, bummer. But I was amazed that there was an actual person behind that amazing work of art…..that would be YOU !
    Now that I know you exist I also realize that if I save my pennies I could actually have my own custom kitchenaid. That would be the best gift ever ! In fact I think I will ask for that for a wedding gift (Im not a young and virginal bride, but still ….) if he loves me he will fullfill my dream. He knows how much I love my kitchenaid even as it is.
    Okay, I have rambled on enough but I hope you realized how beautiful I think your work is and that I will now obsess until I get one of my very own. I can only hope that by the time I’m ready you will still be painting them…..? It might take awhile. Love your work .

  5. Gorgeous work! Glad P-Dub gave the shout out; it really is beautiful! The great thing about doing a kitchenaid mixer is that they last FOREVER! We wouldn’t even consider any other brand in my family.

  6. The PW Kitchenaid mixer is about the most gorgeous, exciting thing I’ve seen — LOVE IT! What an inventive, original idea!!!

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