flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

Ok, so here are a few floral designs I’ve put together. I hope that they are not too close to PW’s. I would never want to step on her or anyone else’s toes. That is not the type of person I am. I do my best to put designs together that will appeal to a clients specifications, however, it may be more difficult than anticipated. Floral designs are very difficult for me. They are the most time-consuming to paint and render. They have to have a flow to them and also, they need to flow with the shape of the mixer. Easier said than done…

Some of these were specifically done for clients and modified per their request.  These are all digital renderings I provided. Anything can be changed or altered.

This one has a damask floral pattern in the background.

I think this is more along the traditional lines.

This one has a different faded background as the orange version above.

This one I added a tulip

A black version I did for a client

A red version with a hummingbird for another client

A nice clean simple floral damask version


6 responses to “flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

  1. Beautiful. I think you’ll have some happy folks with these as I know the PW ones were a hit when she did the give away. I know I entered! Every time I use my KitchenAid I think of your designs and how great they would look. Lol. I just began blogging about food/cooking etc, myself, and I love reading your blog posts and of course love PW so the combo rocks! 🙂

  2. Just when I think you cannot make anything more beautiful, you show that you can. These are simply stunning, and I have requested one from my husband for the next big event in our lives…

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