I must say I love a good photo shoot. It is a hell of an excuse to get my awesome and talented friends together. I can’t really say much about it right now, but I will tell you it will definitely have a spin on it.

If you don’t know me well, you’ll soon find out I love to brag about my friends!

Heather Lynn is my photographer. She’s amazing and I feel very comfortable with her. I am not normally good with the camera and somehow she manages to make magic happen, lots of it…and photoshop doesn’t hurt either!!

Stace is my hair and makeup artist. She also helps tremendously in making the magic happen department! When Stace does her thing (and she does it well) she makes you feel like a million bucks. A little make-up can go a looong way!

Both of these ladies will travel all over to do their thing. To me, their work is priceless. To have a professional, outward appearance can go a long way. I have been fortunate enough to get to know both of them through my business and networking.

If you have time, check out their work!


***Oh and I forgot to add, I will post pictures of our collaboration once they are ready to be seen!***


2 responses to “PHOTO SHOOT ALERT! hahahaha

  1. Oh my gosh NicK!!! I am blown away by your art work!!! Dare I say you surpass Mike but in a different way!!! It was a pleasure to have met the both of you. God has put so much talent in one basket!! You are an inspiration….

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