New Custom Painted KitchenAid Architect Processor

A client has contracted me to custom paint his food processor to match their custom painted KitchenAid Mixer I did perviously. I love this!

Here’s the mixer! A design series too!

Here’s the processor.

Now, here I am with the same processor (plain) and have the urge to paint it! It’s like the mechanic who can’t fix his own car…cause he’s too busy fixing everyone else’s hahahaha!

Sorry, I do realize that a few of these images appear to be blurry. This is one of the most difficult designs to photograph because it reflects a lot of light and I am far from a professional photographer.


2 responses to “New Custom Painted KitchenAid Architect Processor

  1. Nic, I had NO idea you could do the food processor… I think I have another job for you!!!

    Whats happening in the shop today?

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