Recent shoot at the shop

So we finally wrapped up the recent shoot at the shop. It was something I couldn’t wait for and I think we all had a great time together.

Heather Lynn is my awesome friend and go to lady for all photography needs! Every single time I’m nervous, not quite sure what to expect. I don’t care for cameras and usually feel like the biggest dork. Heather makes it easy, maybe cause she gets next to me doing it too?! LOL Or maybe because you never know when she’ll breakout with flash dance moves!!!! hahahahaha She is def one of kind and I really enjoy our time together, whether it be work or play.

Stace has done my hair and make-up from day one. It’s funny how things came to be and how we have so much in common. I really enjoy working with her and what she does is priceless. You can never go wrong with a professional, outward appearance. I would never do a shoot without her.

Both of these ladies travel all over to provide their services. They have both accomplished so much since becoming friends and I hope we continue to stay in touch! I really admire both of them and their work ethic. It is not an easy task to be a full-time mom and travel away from your family.

Mrs. Gaines AKA Jen is my best bud. She is pretty awesome and recently put her talent to work making some great creations like custom coffee cozys, camera straps etc… Of course I had to order one and use it everyday. Like 7x a day to be exact. I am a Tazo Tea Zen addict. So I couldn’t do the shoot without one! hahahaha

So me being me, I saw some shoes my friend Diana posted on FB. I was in love and I will admit, I’m not really a girly girl, but I really had to have them. So I went on a mission to Nordy’s and of course they were sold out! They did locate some in Cali and shipped them via two day air, just in time for the shoot. I was very excited! I typically wear my DMs and almost too much. Why Mike hasn’t left me yet, I will never know. I guess he can embrace my style 😉

This shoot has a bit of a story behind it, so some may not get the whole idea, but hey, I still think it came out awesome and wanted to share a bit of a sneak peek.

Keith, Heather’s wonderful man, put this video together of some of the images Heather edited and I think he did a pretty awesome job! What a great team right? Thanks everyone for making another successful shoot and I really appreciate it!

Video here:

Few pics here:


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