Bomber / Fighter Theme KitchenAid

Yup, another custom painted KitchenAid. This one is pretty kick-ass I must say, and thanks to my client Genevieve who is the original Artist of the pin-up.

Gen and I started this project as an initial bomber styled theme. However, I can honestly say, we both had no idea how it was going to turn out. I struggle to find pin-up girls in the right pose to compliment my mixers. And my photographer Heather and I already have a pin-up shoot in the works to resolve this problem. But until then, I have to make it work.

After several renderings, it just didn’t feel right. So Gen sends over one of her personal pieces to provide an example. I sent a mixer back with her pin-up on it. LOL then lets just say it fell in to place from that point. Everything seemed to fit.

I had Zach starting all the vector work in preparation to fit the mixer and he added a few more cool elements, that I think complimented it well.

With a few more recommendations from Mike, we had a winner! I really enjoy these moments I get to collab with such amazing and talented artists.



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