Custom Painted KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!!!!


So, since Facebook has a strict new policy regarding giveaways, we are now having to do it via this blog. I would hate to lose my facebook page. That just wouldn’t be fun, so here we are!

If you’re not already on our Facebook page and would like to keep up with future projects and updates please “like” us here at Un Amore Custom Designs. We’d love to have you! It’s a great way to stay in touch and see all the eye-kandy.

So since I’m new to this blog giveaway, and I screw up, please forgive me πŸ˜‰

We’re giving away this awesome new design series KitchenAid mixer in a skeleton key pattern!

*To enter I would like you to fill in the blanks below:

The Key to my _______ is ________

I would appreciate one entry per person please.
Entries need to be posted before Midnight PST on Friday Night, July 1st, 2011.
I will announce the winner Saturday πŸ˜€


190 responses to “Custom Painted KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!!!!

    • Well, I have to admit that the key to the car you have isn’t cheap but it isn’t all the expensive. But the key to the car you want…that may be expensive. (32 on the 9th!!)

  1. Hi Nicole! So excited about this giveaway!!!!

    The key to my education is A LOT of debt! lol

  2. The Key to my happiness is a bald man, a cute puppy, 7 crazy parrots and gobs of great friends and family.

  3. The key to my wife’s good side is leaving a comment and hoping you pick me!…(so she can make some yummy chocolate chip cookies in that mixer!)

  4. The key to my freedom is personal responsibility for the decisions I make and the consequences thereof. I learned this in the School of Hard Knocks!

  5. The key to my DEADBOLT is LOST and I believe one of my four small children has it! I’m guessing one of my 2 1/2 year old twins…AND a skeleton key would indeed be useful in this house of 4 under 5!!!!

  6. The Key to my HEART is my WIFE! She cannot be duplicated. I carry it with me, never give it away and from YOU I will never stray. Her name is Fai Green.

  7. The Key to my LIFE is my faith in God, my family, my many children, and my friends that includes you. You’ve made me the person I am today, regardless of many doors open/close in my life, THIS one remains OPEN with LOVE.

  8. The key to my happiness is my husband and my 3 daughters… who would all love a beautiful pink mixer πŸ™‚

  9. The key to my heart is my husband and son. They are my everything. I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. The key to my culinary landscape is 1 part confusion, 2 parts chaos, 3 parts creativity, and the rest is chardonnay!

  11. The key to life is finding someone to spend it with, becoming eachother’s best friend, and enjoying every moment!

  12. The key to my life is the love of my wife.

    That mixer is fantastic!!

    Thanks for the showing your work.

  13. The key to my diet is hiding in a tub of ice cream. I’m just looking for the key.

    I like the depth in your skeleton key design.

  14. The key to my winning this AWESOME Kitchen Aid mixer with the best paint job on the planet is …Pure LUCK! and a little butt kissing;)

  15. The key to my happiness is finally winning one of your fabulously beautiful mixers! (in my favorite color to boot)

  16. I know it’s too late to enter-Nammit, I missed it! Do we get to vote for best quote?LOL! Can’t wait to see which one wins. I want to see a pic of the one who wins it with their new Kitchenaid mixer too!
    The key to my heart, is in the cake I baked,with my new pink skeleton key mixer!

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