Things that speak to your heart.

I don’t know about you, but the recent passing of Steve Jobs broke my heart. For many reasons more than I can count.

His words of encouragement spoke volumes and to me that says a lot about him. He was and always will be someone we look at and go “WOW!”

This video here helped me tremendously, not because I didn’t already know, but because sometimes you need to hear things again.

I have had a very challenging path to pave in my life, some that I may never share…but I chose to take the hard way. I pride myself on my hard work, morals, and integrity…to name a few. I never took the easy route and not even considered it.

Our actions do speak louder than words, and it takes forever to build a reputation, but a split second to take it all away. So true and words I live by.

I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be. All I know is that I do the best I can and know how. I take pride in my work and when passion is involved it shows. That is why this video is so inspirational to me. I have had a few rough days recently and happy to be back at it, full throttle. We all have our struggles in life and sometimes we just need to regain the perspective that fuels our fire so we may continue harder and stronger than ever.

God has blessed me in more ways than I can count and I feel very appreciative of that.

Here is another video that spoke to me, narrated by Steve. This takes me back to a few people who told me I would never amount to anything…That because I am different, I wasn’t accepted. I hope one day they see that because some of us are different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


6 responses to “Things that speak to your heart.

  1. You are a child of God, unique and special. You add so much beauty to peoples lives. And anyone with eyes and a brain can tell that you paint with God given talent and a heart full of love. Ive never met you but oh my, I marvel every time I see your mixers. I want one of each. Stay “different” ,your fans love it. Im so glad your feeling better. Edna

  2. I concur with Edna about your God-given talent. I marvel that in this world of same-same that you have found a super unique niche in which to practice your trade and I admire you very much. I visit your page just to luxuriate in your creations of beauty.

    You seem like a wonderfully cool person, one I would honored to know and call friend.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. Our world is a little dimmer with this loss.

  3. Yes.. I agree.. a truly outstanding man.. Is words touched me also. The world will miss a Great man. I love and live by this quote. ” Your Destiny Is Determined By Who You Choose To Honor”.. I believe you are on the right path. Certainly we have choices..
    Fondly, Sandra

  4. What a fabulous video about talented people. Yes, I have always felt like a square peg in a round hole. Different. But, I am still searching for my place in the world. a place where I can make a difference even if I make enemies. I think you work is amazing and totally beautiful and unique. Thank you for sharing and inspiring the rest of us to be just that little bit crazy!

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