Friendly Reminder as we approach the holiday season! (from FB)

We’re approaching our Nov 6th, deadline for rendering requests to be submitted. This will ensure we do our best to have all designs and artwork fulfilled in time for Christmas orders. This does not mean we will not take orders, we just wont be able to provide the digital concept in advance.

You may purchase mixers on our online shop, or modify them as long as our schedule permits. We have very limited spots available. Please also consider shipping times. Local orders may be picked up.

We’re super excited for all the awesome designs to come! We can’t wait to share them, but unfortunately, most will be after the New Year!

***Don’t hesitate to ask questions to I appreciate your emails! If I don’t respond in a 48hr period (which is pretty long) please just send me a friendly reminder. Some emails may get past me. I apologize if that happens, but I am usually on top of it.*** This is my busiest time, so please understand if I am short and sweet. I may be answering you while I am painting. Oh, and please excuse my auto-correct too (in advance)! hahahaha


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