YAY! Evening Magazine!

So today I finally got filmed for a small part of Evening Magazine (A local TV show)! Finally 😀

I have wanted this for some time and happy that I got an opportunity! I’ve been featured on a few cable TV shows, but not just about my work. So this was very, very nice!!

They came out to document a few, but very awesome custom painted KitchenAid mixers. I hope I did well, cameras totally freak me out… I did several custom pieces, but after editing who knows what they’ll use. Here are some (really bad) pictures to share from my honey bunnie’s phone. Thinking it may air in Dec, but at the latest, most likely FEB 2012. If I can, I will share here.

Pay no attention to details. I modified prep, and artwork to fit “TV” schedule. You can’t do hours / days of prep and artwork into a 3 hour slot…

Love behind the scenes pictures!

Please excuse any and all grammatical and punctuation errors 🙂


5 responses to “YAY! Evening Magazine!

  1. Congratulations girl! What an awesome opportunity for you and your business. I can’t wait to purchase on of your designs!


  2. Nick, I saw the article in the Everett Herald, got excited about yet another great artist from Snohomeless County. I live upstairs from the Schack Center in apt #406, drop in next time you come to the Schack. I bet your work would be a big hit downstairs.
    The Schack has hosted work by your neighbor Stephen Lestat and currently hosts the amazing work of Paul Vexler also of Snohomish.
    I paint on glass, lots of masking, but you know some tricks I would love to learn. It would be fun if we could get together and make a mess.
    Jeffrey Kirk

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