Recent work to share…

I don’t blog a lot, but do realize I should. Problem, I have little time. I am on Facebook and post frequent updates there. It’s easy for me to do while watching paint dry, running errands, and pretty much any second I have “free” time. The best part, it’s public so you don’t need an account to see what I’m up to 🙂

I am considering doing newsletters. If you’d like to sign up you may do so on my Store in the left tab.

For those who are not on my FB…some eye-candy!

Ostrich Egg done in a Union Jack:

Sunflower themed Custom hand painted KitchenAid Mixer. Colors to match her remodeled kitchen. Love!


This one is flowers from her garden on her really cool vintage Pro5 KitchenAid Mixer

Real fire for the man in the house

This one was custom painted and inspired by the original artwork of

Megan Meagher

This one will be given away in Jan 2012! Details to come soon!! One of the most technical ones to date!


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