A little bling bling.

I had to make a video to share the bling on this bad boy. Just a quick little one minute view 🙂

Custom 22kt Gold {vinatge styled} KitchenAid mixer with Swarovski Embellishments.

Dubbed with one of my personal favs, DINO! ❤


5 responses to “A little bling bling.

  1. What a beautiful work of art to wake up too while having my coffee…and of course Dino!!!! So classy Nick. I still show your work off every night at the hospital as I talk about my LITTLE projects that I do as I grow.. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  2. Nick, you are something else! Your work is tasty and you are too beatiful.
    You make me jealous and you juice me up– thanks for the inspiration.
    Its great to know that I have near neighbors in high art. Snohomeless County has many great, world class, artists and I think you are at or near the top of the list.
    Onward, thru the fog.
    Mix it up
    Jeffrey Kirk

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