Testimonials from our clients – Will be updated regularly

You did an amazing job of taking my daughter’s vision and translating it into a one of a kind work of art. We were probably your longest distance project so far! This mixer is a testament to the fact your work is admired around the world. My daughter was working in Pakistan when she heard about your mixers from her friend stationed in Kenya. When Lois saw your work, she immediately sent me an e mail and asked for one for Christmas. When I saw your work, I knew it would be the perfect gift.

You were so patient when we exchanged e mails describing the artwork and finalizing the design. Lois was thrilled when she opened the box. The artwork was flawless and the finish was smooth as glass. I see people commenting about the cost, but I absolutely feel the mixer was worth it.

I still check your website on an almost daily basis to admire your work. I will definitely order a mixer for myself. My only problem is trying to pick a design.” Kim

“Working with Nick was a lovely and easy experience. I had a vague vision of what I wanted for my mixer and she was able to visualize it for me. My mixer stands proudly in my home, a fabulous art piece, a prized, possession, a family heirloom. One of my very favoite things I own. Thank you, Nick, artist, professional, wonder girl!!” Gina

“When my wife opened her beautiful mixer on our anniversary her first reaction was “a household appliance for our anniversary?”.  By the next morning, she was looking at it on our kitchen counter and telling me she decided to leave it on the counter and not put it away.  Years later, she still takes notice of it and tells me how pretty it is.  I think she likes it more than the diamond ring I gave her last year.” Mike

“I discovered Un Amore through Ree Drummond’s blog-The Pioneer Woman. I would drool over my iPad whenever photographs of Ree’s orange floral mixer popped up. It was just so completely me. I showed it to my husband one day in late summer and he asked what it would take to get one done for us. Suddenly I began down the road to a finished piece of art.

After contacting Nicole, I learned that Ree’s design was exclusively hers. However, I could literally have whatever I wanted on our family’s vintage Kitchen Aid. I started sending Nicole photographs of the flowers that grow in my own garden. Ones I planted to attract monarch butterflies. Many emails later a rendering appeared in my inbox. I was in shock. Both renderings were so beautiful-and were soon to be mine! I showed my husband both and decided within minutes on the one we loved best-that had our flowers, the butterflies, and that juicy orange pearl as a base. I couldn’t get to FedEx fast enough!

During the process of waiting for our beauty to come back home, I would get updated photos-of her stripped down, primed, in her base coat-it was so fun! I was fortunate enough to see the process in action when one of Nicole’s local news stations showed up to film her work. I watched with tears in my eyes as our dingy old mixer was getting all dolled up with sweet peas, black eyed susans, clematis, and butterflies. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive home!

A few days before Christmas, FedEx called to tell me the package was in. It was all I could do not to open it right in the store! We got her home and did the unveiling right in our kitchen. Layer after layer of protective wrap came off and her colors shone. I couldn’t help but bursting into tears. It was just stunning. The detail in each flower, the wings of the butterflies; you felt as though the artwork was ready to leap right off the mixer! My husband’s family got to see it and was shocked at how perfect she looked-compared to the dented, dinged, harvest gold mixer I had shipped off several months prior.

Now, she sits in our kitchen proudly. She’s made many cookies, loaves of bread, bowls of whipped cream, a birthday cake, and more. I fully intend to pass her down in our family someday, as this piece of art means so much to all of us. Thank you so much Nicole, for your stunning work!” Jen

“When I found Un Amore I knew I wanted one of these beautiful hand painted creations! After much thought of my design choice, I chose my grandmother’s pottery! It only made sense, it was passed down to me and I will pass it on to my children. I use it every day and I cook a lot for my family.
I was so excited to visit with Nicole and when asked to send some pieces of my Grandmother’s, I realized that she was a perfectionist and I was in for something so different and unique!!!
Finally the day came when I got to see my finished product……I was speechless!! The hours spent, the thought that went into trying to match my Grandmother’s pottery, and the absolute gift that Nicole and her staff have given me is a true work of art! My mixer is now not only a conversation piece when I entertain guest, it’s also something that I will cherish and pass down with the other pieces of my Grandmother’s pottery. Thanks so very much Nick!!!”
 Sincerely-  Wendi
“I racked my mind trying to come up with a one-of-a-kind gift for my daughter, Dace’s college graduation.  After finding out about Nick’s talent, I contacted her hoping she’d be willing to aesthetically refurbish Dace’s great grandmother’s 1947 Kitchen Aid mixer.  She learned to bake using this mixer but I had since given it to my sister-in-law because it was such an eyesore!  She graciously returned it to me for Nick to restore.  And did she ever!  I can’t imagine the final product looking any different.  Nick captured Dace’s style from just asking me a few questions about her.  Her attention to detail is amazing! She made the entire process a wonderfully fun experience and I hope one day to work with her again.” Amanda
“I had coveted the gorgeous painted mixer on the Pioneer Woman website numerous times as I read her blogs over the last year. By chance one day I noticed a link to Nicole Dinardo next to one of PW’s photos, I clicked on the link and immediately knew I HAD to have my mixer refurbished by this amazing artist. I had remodeled my kitchen with some money I had inherited from my mother and had been looking for a way to incorporate a very special visual reminder of her in my shiny new kitchen. Butterflies played sentimental part of my mother’s battle with cancer and her eventual passing. Nicole listened to my story and helped to bring my vision to life in the beautiful rich red sunflower Kitchenaid mixer I delightfully opened right before Christmas Day in 2011. “Doris”, named after my mother, holds a prominent place in my kitchen today. She is the first thing I see each morning as I walk in the room and the last thing I see at night as I turn out the lights. “Doris” will be a family heirloom, passed down to my oldest daughter someday.

Nicole was such a delight to work with through the entire design and production process that I commissioned another piece of KitchenAid art from her. My second daughter will soon marry an Air Force pilot and Nicole has created a sleek black leopard print design with amazing hidden images that are special to this young couple. It was delivered this weekend and is even more beautiful and detailed than the photos Nicole shared with me during the design and painting process. I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face at her bridal shower when she sees her beautiful mixer for the first time!

I am so thankful I clicked on that little link next to PW’s photo of her mixer as it led me to Un Amore and the talented Nicole Dinardo. I will enjoy watching her career skyrocket over the next years and be ever so thankful to have a piece of her artwork in my home.” Toni

 “Nick’s the real deal.  I could add all sorts of thanks, accolades and flowery compliments {Nick’s heard all those from me…   😉 }.  The simple fact is that she means what she says.  She does her absolute best for each of her clients.  Each of her pieces is truly a hand-painted and personal custom design.   She goes above and beyond to make things “right” and she’s honest.

I had seen other custom-painted KA over the years.  I knew I wanted mine painted and that I only had one shot to get it right.  There would be no new KAs in my life…When I stumbled on Nick’s artwork, I was hooked.  And, I also knew I better do this quickly or I would miss an amazing opportunity.

Right away and in her design process, Nick really listened to me in developing her design for my KA:  she even “heard” things about me that I didn’t even say. That shows she’s got her whole heart in her art…Nick is the one who really created and brought personality to my Bella.  NO question about it!

And, as it turned out, working with Nick on this art project really has been a re-learning lesson for me in trust and hope.  I didn’t realize how much of those 2 feelings I had lost in my life.  Nick (and Dave at KA) helped restore my faith in people.   Yes, an appliance can do all that!  J

It took a while for my baby to come home to me, but Bella was SO worth the wait.  The art work is absolutely STUNNING.   EVERY element is hand-painted and absolutely amazing.

Bella is very, very special…She’s beautiful art and she also works her little tush off!

I’m a very lucky and fortunate person to have Bella in my home.” Ellen

“I ABSOLUTELY love my new designer Kitchenaid. You captured the EXACT color I wanted as well as design. It is my new conversation piece & I love showing it off with pride!! Your attention to detail is AMAZING & I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!!” Theresa

“My daughter became obsessed with a mixer she saw on Pioneer Woman’s blog, hand painted by Nicole. I thought it would be an awesome birthday gift for her. I contacted Nick, we exchanged information, and she went to work! I could not have been more pleased with the finished product. Nicole was a joy to work with (I miss talking to her now that our project is complete!) and her artwork is truly amazing. Her commitment to excellence is beyond words. The hardest part of the entire transaction was keeping it a secret until the big reveal!!

THANK YOU NICOLE…..now, if I can get one for my birthday!!!!!!! Tammy

“I was looking for a special gift for my wife for Christmas, but I wanted to do something different. I contacted Nicole through her website and we worked together on a dolphin motif for my wife’s favorite kitchen mixer. I was very impressed with the result and my wife loved it. Every time we have people over to the house, we get compliments on the amazing scene on our mixer. Nicole was fantastic and made the process of sending the mixer and returning it very easy. This is by far one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever given to my wife.” Chris
“My wife and I were watching an episode of Hot Rod TV.   We saw the wonderful creativity of Nick and her custom painted Kitchen Aid mixers.  Thinking we would never actually afford a 32 Ford Hot Rod we decided to see if Nick would be willing to create a “Hot Mxr” instead as mother’s day present.  We contacted her by email and after few brief discussions soon received wonderful renderings of our flamed candy apple red dream.  We chose our favorite and eagerly awaited the arrival of the finished  product.  When it arrived we were stunned.  The “Hot Mxr” exceeded our expectations.  It has a place of honor in our kitchen and is always a hit with family and guests.  The “Hot Mxr “ is no trailer queen and gets quite a bit of regular use-and still looks a great as it did the day it arrived.  I enjoy visiting Nick’s Un Amore web site to see to what new heights she can elevate the humble Kitchen Aid.  If you’re looking to bring original art home in a fun and original way then Un Amore is the place. ” All the best, Jim and Leslie
It was a pleasure working with Nicole on customizing my mixer. The end result was excellent, and I’m proud of owning a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art! Everyone who sees it is very impressed. Highly recommended!

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