Need a little color?

Who doesn’t love peacock feathers? Seriously, they just might be the perfect color combination in nature…well, there are a lot of other amazing patterns, but this is one of them on my top 10!

Some lovely concepts here:



5 responses to “Need a little color?

  1. My favorite by far is the last one but they all look lovely. I wonder if you used a metallic paint if it would have a similar sheen that the real feathers have.

  2. Oh what I wouldn’t give for the one covered in Peacock feathers. A house is not a home without a few peacock feathers. My grandmother always had some in a vase as does my mother and myself. They also make any bedroom romantic.

  3. Wow I want one so bad! My wedding theme and colours are peacocks. I’m in love with what you do and would love to be your apprentice and start an Aussie franchise here.

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