Seattleites, here’s your KitchenAid!

Yup, this one is for our Emerald City. I love Seattle, it may rain, but well worth it in our summers.

I have lived here for many years, but haven’t had the opportunity to travel around much. When I googled the Olympic National Park, I thought to myself this is beyond words…it can’t be real. It’s so majestic. I am surprised I never knew this place even existed. I am making a point to take off work and visit it soon.


Pike Place Market neon sign at dusk, starry night.

Starry night over the city skyline.

On the side: Olympic National Park at dusk, waves rolling up the shore, sun setting behind the rocks.
The center has a bald eagle flying into the Evergreen trees.

Mount Rainier on the top.


2 responses to “Seattleites, here’s your KitchenAid!

  1. Your creativity astounds me. I love the artistic mind and in fact there are many such in my own family. Not me, however. I just appreciate artistic talent and yours is so admirable. Another fine design executed by Nicole D. Thanks for sharing! Makes me smile to see what you create on what I consider the world’s BEST mixer! I had a big KA stand mixer circa 1979 and gave it to my daughter about a year ago. It’s still going strong!!

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