Making over furniture

I am new to doing this furniture thing, but since I am doing it for myself I figure it’s ok. I found these chairs last week and I am currently deconstructing them. I can’t wait to give them a facelift for our house. It will be the perfect addition.

Since I don’t have the resources to buy the best of the best, or what I envision my ideal furniture…I find what I can on craigslist and give it a fluff. So far it seems to have paid off pretty well. I get 100% freedom to finish it exactly how I would like. So I thought it would be fun to share before and after pics of my office overhaul.

My honey found these for me in Wenatchee. He text me a photo of them and I couldn’t say “buy them” fast enough, LOL

I stripped them apart, threw out the bad upholstery someone else did, painted them in matte black, and sent them off to a trusty friend to add a professional upholstery job with fabric I picked out. May I add I picked out my fabric in 30 minutes? Yes, I leave no time to do my personal projects.

In the photo below I am adding gold leaf accents.

The finished product: Oh and I did decide to keep the original horse hair padding.

The next chair (my personal one) was found in downtown Snohomish at Faded Elegance. I immediately knew she would be a perfect fit.

Here she is done:

My desk was found in Auburn area:

And I painted her matte black, too.

I was in dire need of a cabinet that held my custom mixers and couldn’t find one anywhere, for months. Then out of nowhere I found this bad boy in Federal Way! It’s lighted, too! It fits the mixers and my computer perfectly, I felt like I won the lotto with this one.

I really wanted some kind of settee or vintage couch to go with the flow, but couldn’t find one that fit my budget, so I went to target and found this pretty little thing.

And here is the final look, peeking into my office from my shop.


6 responses to “Making over furniture

  1. Also I noted your pup was in the picture of the table. Love it! Our Rosie finds her way into hundreds of our pictures!

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