How Bad Do You Want It? (Success)

I love inspirational videos and quotes. In fact so much that I research them on my private time. These quotes may seem irrelevant to most, but for me it keeps me going in rough times.

I came across this video on Twitter and boy….it’s on it. I have worked very hard the last several years. I don’t share a lot. I keep most of my desires, struggles or achievements personal or share with close friends and family. I have stayed at the shop 2 days in a row, slept an hour on my couch in my office. There were times I didn’t eat or worked on Christmas Day. Most days on only 3 hours sleep.

Although most think what I do is laid back. It’s anything but in most cases. This year had me on my knees, for several months. I have had some great days, but most were discouraging. I achieved what even I thought I was too crazy enough to try, what I considered was impossible, but it didn’t stop me from going there. I succeeded, however the outcome wasn’t what I anticipated. But that outcome didn’t make me a failure. It caused me to rethink my direction, my goals, and most importantly what do I really want? How far did I really want to go? Although it was tough, heartbreaking and yet another impossible challenge just to overcome, I did yet again.

As he states in this video “Most only kinda want it” Amen! “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” That I can relate to. I know some of my friends think I’m crazy, think my hours are absurd, or that I don’t make time to hang out, but let me say it is because I take my goals seriously and nothing will stop me from doing my best or trying to achieve the unthinkable. Nothing is impossible and the only thing that will stop you…is you!

Watch this video, it’s worth it.


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