How Bad Do You Want it? (success) Part 2

If you haven’t checked out the first video on my blog, please do so here.

Here’s Part 2

The part where you feel like you have nothing left to give, where you decide how much left you have to offer. This is the place where most stop. This is where you meet the line, where you ultimately decide if you’re done or going to carry on.”Look Up, Get up, And Don’t Ever Give Up.”

I am at a point where I am beyond exhaustion. I guarantee that this year has been by far my most difficult. However, I don’t expect it to be my last. But I don’t quit, never have, never will. I am at the point where I am perfecting the better me, defining my best. If you always give it your best, you will never question if you could have done better. You have nothing to lose.

If I was a quitter I would have given up long ago. I have had so many closed doors on my path. But I worked hard and never let that detour me. I never let anyones words discourage me. I decided what my worth was. I was worth going the extra mile, to fight for what I wanted. I decided to take on opportunity when it presented itself. I don’t care if I failed trying, at least I know I tried. I gave it my best. I will never wonder if I could have done something else better or different.

If I watched these videos a few years ago, I may have not completely understood the perspective they’re trying to paint, but today I know it all too well. Too well.

Test your limits, reinvent yourself, build a better you and don’t stop until you get there. Go for the impossible. Take No Days Off. Go beyond.


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