Colorado Springs Firehouse 9

This bad boy was for the Colorado Springs Firehouse #9. CHEFS Catalog donated so many great items in addition to the mixer. We felt so honored to have been included in this great cause and to give back to those who brave men and women who put their lives on the line…

We did all the lettering, stripes, and badges in 23kt gold. The center is faux diamond plate, star of life on the back, & hand pinstriped edges.

If you visit CHEFS gallery on Facebook you will find out more on how they gave back to these brave men and women. It’s truly amazing!

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to collaborate with them on such a great cause. ♥

Photo Courtesy: CHEFS Catalog

Photo Courtesy: CHEFS Catalog


2 responses to “Colorado Springs Firehouse 9

  1. What a lovely and heartwarming effort and you did a beautiful job/design for the mixer. I’m sure the mixer will be very appreciated. I personally, had a same type Kitchenaid mixer circa 1980. Gave it to my daughter a year ago and the darn thing just won’t die! Ugly as sin……but works fabulously. Those mixers are ‘da bomb’! Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

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