Alrighty, then – giveaway time!

Yeah, its long overdue. I am actually scared to see how long it has been since my last giveaway. I heard your requests, I read every comment, email, reply, and watch shares…

I have appreciated your support for years past and hopefully years to come.

Time for you to have a chance to win one, just for fun. Why not…right? Just to be clear…I am not doing this to gain exposure, fans, likes, or followers for my blog. Anyone is welcome to enter, even internationally if you have an adaptor.

Lets do this.

Just comment below and tell me what your one love, passion or inspiration is… Like for me, to sum it up it’s the hunt and chase, not the kill. I love setting the bar so high it seems impossible achieve. #StayHungry #BeFoolish

Entries start now and end Monday 6pm PST

I will randomly select someone from my iPhone app via Random Number. 1 entry per person please. I will pay all shipping fees.

Winner will be notified via email and choose from 1 of 6 designs below.

Game on!


503 responses to “Alrighty, then – giveaway time!

  1. I love, having a plan, task and organization… I also love my new husband who is learning to love my always needing to have a plan!!

  2. I’m passionate about animals. Hopefully, if I win, I can make special treats to bring to shelters ( because I also do cakes! ) I support the local shelters in anyway I can.

  3. My passion is putting color onto string and then knitting it up into something beautiful that hopefully the recipient will cherish. β™₯ My choice would be the falling leaves mixer. I am a fall baby ( Nov 14th) and would be an awesome birthday gift to me! πŸ˜‰

  4. Thank you for this incredible contest Nicole! My one passion is the lifestyle of the vintage pin ups. It is a time which empowered women with curves to be beautiful. I strive to capture this lovely era everyday in the way I dress & share it with the readers of my blog. My love, my passion, this is what inspired me everyday. πŸ™‚

  5. My passion is growing and canning as much of my garden as possible. I love knowing I did it myself. I take pride in my storage room of all my jars neatly stored. I may not be a fancy cook, but I am a good cook.

  6. I just appreciate every day and Thank God for my Blessings. I was an engineer, had a great husband and a lot of material things. Then I became disabled and can’t work. My husband left me and took all the material things with him. I have learned so much and am so appreciative that things don’t come so easily anymore and everything means a lot more.

  7. My one passion is trying to make the world better, no matter if its picking up one small piece of trash or letting a tired looking mom go ahead if me in the checkout line.

  8. My passion is art…it is everywhere,it heals the human spirit,and un ties all of humanity through beauty.your art is lovely.Would love to own one of your gorgeous creations and create beautiful food with my children,and grandchildren ,for years to come.Cannot afford to purchase one,but maybe I’ll get lucky and win one,,,,hey,you never know!

  9. My passion is striving for excellence in what I do weather it’s cooking, sewing, needle art or just housekeeping. I try to be the very best at whatever I’m doing.

  10. Thank you so much for the opportunity!! My passion is my children and being a mum. No matter what they love me for who I am and think I’m the best!

  11. My passion….working with special needs children. Those who the “system” doesn’t care to work with. Seeing the look on their face when they realize that they can be just like any other child. Normal,not different….they light up and can achieve amazing things! Something so simple as learning to tie their shoe, writing their name in cursive when all they have ever done is print. They are my passion!

  12. my one love and passion is the bake and taste. i love being in the kitchen creating new pastry for my friends and family to taste. my passion for food and the search for perfection has given me the drive to create the entire day, my inspiration comes from any ingredient around me, id just like to make them shine =)

  13. Thank you so much for your generousity. Your talent just wows me. My one passion is my husband. I have been lucky and blessed to be married to my best friend for over 26 years.

  14. Honestly I have many things in my life about which I am passionate. One of those is my work as an academic adviser at Wichita State University. I love helping students create a plan to reach their academic goals and then mentor them through their academic career as they realize the payoff for all their hard work. Been doing this for 27 years now and I LOVE it!!

  15. My one true love and passion are my children. I love to sew, quilt and embroider one of a kind items for them and it brings me true happiness!

  16. My 13 year old and his friends absolutely inspire me. He and most of them are disabled and never mind having to do things differently than others. We should all have wonderful attitudes like these guys throughout life. Their lives are shorter and different than most, but you never hear a, “Woe is me” from them! I love you Noah. BTW, he LOVES to cook and our Kitchenaid mixer makes him able to bake with me.

  17. I am always looking for a challenge. I am always setting my goals just out of reach so I don’t get bored trying to achieve them. I have been a hairstylist for 19 years. And it is still fun to go to work every day. 4 years ago today, I decided I needed something else to challenge me, so I became a Scentsy consultant. Within a year I recruited and built a team to promote me to Director level. I love the challenge of reaching the sales goals set each month. And setting goals for my team as well. I will always be reaching for more. So happy anniversary to my Scentsy career and hopes of many more fun challenges to come!

  18. What a beautiful contest. I think my passion would have to be cooking as I am always finding something new to try. One day it’s cupcakes, next a pie or cookies. Maybe a mexican meal or italian. So many recipes to try it’s hard to decide sometimes. I just know I love cooking and baking for my friends.

  19. My passion is helping people. I had a psychic ask me once if I was a counselor because she saw me giving advice. She said I had actually saved some lives with what I said. So yeah, cheesey sounding but my passion is helping others get over bumps in their roads.

  20. thank you for this awesome giveaway! my passion is creating ridiculous outfits for my crazy spawns. fanning their individuality. Thx!

  21. My passion is creating something that brings others, and ultimately myself satisfaction. Sometimes this comes in the form of my desserts I create for family and friends. Sometimes it comes in the form of my amateur mosiac designs.

  22. My passion is putting words on paper. I love poetry and inventing characters with their stories. You are incredibly talented and extremely generous. Even if I do not win, Thank you for giving all of your fans a chance to own one of your beautiful creations.

  23. My passion is taking care of people. I love people from babies to those leaving the earth. I am currently working in pursuit of my degree in nursing and then further into medicine while raising home schooled children and being a wife as well. My ultimate passion is to work in hospice so that I can help provide peace and comfort to individuals leaving this earth and to the families who must stay behind.

  24. Passion -it’s all this, my family, the great horned owls who nest here, writing, baking and photography. Most of all the ability to get up each day and make a difference!

  25. I always strive to self improve. I never want to get to a place in life where I think I’ve gotten as good as I can get, I know I can always reach higher!
    β€œThe only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
    ― Socrates

  26. I’m passionate *about* turning seemingly meaningless strings of symbols, letters and numbers into interactive websites. Yes, I love *code* and all that that implies. However, my husband, children and grandchildren are my one true passion.

  27. My greatest love is my family-my incredible husband and my delicious 3 yr old daughter (and baby to come in 5 weeks). Thanks for this opportunity, your work is beautiful and so inspiring!

  28. I love to bake… there is something about taking eggs, flour, sugar, and flavorings and combining them together to make something that tastes so good… I have always been fascinated by the science of baking…

    I have a small home-based business and I am making cakes and doing what I love… If I win this would be a blessing because I am using an $8.00 hand mixer… the last time I used it I smelled the motor burning… I believe it is on it’s last leg… *smile…

  29. My inspiration is beauty. There is so much around us that is a delight to behold. I make it a point to really see something new every day. I envy your ability to capture that beauty in paint.

  30. My one love and passion is my husband – we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary (11/11/11). He is my rock and my soulmate. My one inspiration is ComfortZoneCamp (a bereavement camp for kids) and all the volunteers that give up their time for such an amazing cause, it amazes me that in such a selfish world, through CZC I find so many giving, loving, amazing and unselfish people.

  31. My passion is yoga. I love the way I feel when I’m practicing. I love it’s non-competitive nature. I love the way it allows all outside influences to be driven from my mind I love it’s positive view of the world.

  32. Writing is my passion. The desire to express myself using all forms of creative writing & other artistic skills like painting, music, cooking, photography, calligraphy, etc.

  33. My passion is creating through music or written word. I love sitting at the piano and allowing my fingers to wander over the keys to come up with a new song. Or allowing my imagination to take wing over a blank page to create new lyrics or a storyline. I love your extraordinary creativity too!

  34. My passion is to be creative in any way possible. I love all things crafty, thrifty, and diy, and I love sharing my creations with the world!!

  35. Like many others my truest passion is my kids. My daughters are the most important thing in my life. They fill my days with so much laughter and love that it overwhelms me sometimes.

  36. My Passion is my Granddaughter, she is 3, and the light of my life… We could make lots of memories with your beautiful creation.. Thank you so much for letting us enter!! (Eggplant w/gold)

  37. My inspiration is my Mom. She make me want to be the best person I can be. Leave the world a better place when my time here is done. Do for , and be kind to others. Be honest. Ask for forgiveness & believe. She is awesome!!

  38. Love, passion & inspiration. My FAMILY and my FRIENDS. To laugh often and show love for each other. Find the best in others. They inspires me to bust my ass to do what I am passionate about which is sharing the dream of being a successful business woman in this screw up economy & system.

  39. My passion is my horses. My favorite is my 28 year old Arabian gelding. He came into my life at 15 months, and he will be with me until his sunset. I have two other special geldings and one spunky special mare also. I will tell you everything I can about them, all you need is time!

  40. My life passion is to inspire other women to be amazing and to be inspired by other women that have achieved their goals and done great things through the generations.

  41. My Love, Passion and Inspiration are my Children!! They make my days brighter and give them more meaning and make me a better person. πŸ™‚

  42. My passion is taking simple things and making them into something great. In the kitchen or garden or making something for my home. I love to create! You do such beautiful work! I have wanted a big mixer for years and the chance to have one of your beautiful ones is an amazing gift you have given to your followers, thank you!

  43. I love the journey thru a project. I love fiber arts! I knit, spin and felt…but I am a creative person so I love several forms in which to express myself!

  44. My passion is creating wonderful food and sharing it with others, especially those that don’t have much.

    Thank you Nicole for this wonderful opportunity! I have loved and shared your work with others for several years now and am always checking for your new designs. I can’t wait to someday have my own. Your work is the absolute bomb!

  45. My passion is running. I love being able to enjoy the outdoors with some great music and for just a little while tune out the hectic world we live in.

    When I am not running I also enjoy baking for the people I work with at the Police Department. Our career field can take us into some pretty tough situations so having a sweet treat at the office can give people a chance to take a break and brighten the day for just a bit.

    ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you imagined’ ~Emerson

  46. Wow! Absolutely beautiful work. Thank you so much for generously doing a giveaway. My passion as a mommy of two beautiful girls is to create unique headbands, bows and accessories for all little princesses through Pouts and Puddles on Etsy!

  47. I am a forester and my passion is teaching children and adults about nature, which I am learning to experience all over again through my 4-year old’s eyes.

  48. My passion…………the absolute joy of sharing!! My home, my food, my love, with my family, my friends and anyone who feels alone. πŸ™‚

  49. My inspiration is my family and friends and enjoying the moments around me. My grandpa passed away this past summer and his final days were truly amazing. He never once felt sorry for himself. He just kept saying “I’m so thankful I’ve got to live this wonderful life with so many wonderful people.” He was truly happy and accepting that he was ready to pass on. It was wonderful, amazing, and very much inspiring. It’s changed how I view my life now.

  50. My passion is teaching my wonderful students. I strive to be a good influence on my students and be the best teacher that I can be!

  51. I have many passions…

    In business: My passion is the look on my customers’ faces when they see the custom print I’ve designed for them…I love architecture, photography and art…and while I’m professional at none individually, when I put them together I can manage to create some pretty amazing pieces of custom photo art for people. I’ve done over 200 prints this year and hope to make it a life’s work.

    At home: My passion is my 7 year old…my pride… Her freckly face and piercing blue eyes cut deep into my soul. With her I’ve never felt more joy – – nor felt more pain. She is everything that makes me strive to be a better person. I lie down each night thinking of her, I wake each morning thinking of her, and I spend all night dreaming of ways I can be a better mother and role model to her.

    In life: My passion is looking through the windows of abandoned buildings and homes…I could drive for days just to find a sad and neglected homestead. I pull into the drive and envision it in its glory. I close my eyes and delicately repaint the exterior a stark white, I place clothes and quilts on the line blowing in the breeze, I smell fresh cut grass and lilacs blooming, and I picture adorable little children, in period clothing, skipping carelessly across the lawn. My dream is to one day be independently wealthy and find a home such as this, and completely restore it to its original glory. It will be then I can sit on the porch with my mint julep and live the good life πŸ™‚

  52. My passion is knowing that I am doing the best that I can. I love teaching students and knowing I’m making a difference in their lives. Education is AWESOME!

  53. My passion is being creative. Whatever outlet I choose to be creative in I strive for perfection. I create jewelry and sometimes I will sit at my work station til it’s light outside stringing and restringing one necklace until it’s perfect in my eyes. My inspiration is my family telling me how much they love what I create and my customers pure joy from such a small trinket. I truly love to make people happy, that to me is inspiring and always Sparks my passion to continue onward.

  54. I Bake. Now you may have heard this many, many times before, but for me its not just a hobby or a passion, its like a second life for me. I feel so alive when doing it and I will always be Inspired to do it. Baking gives me a fresh start every time πŸ™‚

  55. I love your artwork and the way you share it with everyone, you give inspiration to me to do my crafts, thank you. I love the GREAT HORNED OWL .

  56. My passion is baking! I have been baking since I was 4 years old! I also have a passion for riding and working with horses.

  57. My passion is – Fairness, Courtesy, and Simple Compassion……. My favorite thing is when someone says, “how are you” or “how are you doing” and I/You reply AS YOU LOOK AT THEM DIRECTLY and say, “I am great AND how are you?????” People look at you with such surprise and usually with a BIG smile & say, “thanks for asking”. So fun….. It makes my day πŸ™‚

  58. I am a chef and an artist ( I’m a wood-carver). I’ve been cooking for 18 years and carving even longer but never have I seen art and food so exquisitely melded together. It would be an honor to have one of your works of art.

  59. This is a mighty generous contest! My passion is fostering dogs. In the past two years, we’ve fostered 27 dogs, and it’s been amazing. Our kids have learned so much from the experience, and we discovered that we can live happily without carpet! Thank you for this chance to receive one of your truly gorgeous works of art. The cakes I make for people would be prettier, having been started in a fancy schmancy mixer.

  60. I love creating things for those I love. I enjoy working with textiles. The feel of fabric and the joy of putting two or more pieces of fabric together to create something is dear to my heart. I am hoping that I can perfect the art of quilting and meet my own expectation. Sewing is like zen for me, I forget everything else while cutting and operating the machine.
    It is the same with cooking or baking. Putting all the parts together to create something yummy is so enjoyable.

  61. My passion is cooking and baking. I love everything about it! The cookbooks and shopping for the ingredients (the hunting and gathering!) and the execution. …but mostly, I love feeding my family! The smiles make it all worth while!

  62. My truest passion is……..EVERYTHING!! I am truly blessed! I passionately love God!!! My amazing children!!! Music!!! My job as an OR nurse!! I do not drive a fancy car, nor do I live in a mansion, but I am richly blessed with these ‘passions’!! Thank you for reminding me to take a moment to recognize them all! πŸ™‚

  63. Oh my. Those are drop dead gorgeous! My passion is horses. There isn’t enough lifetime to learn all that I need to learn. They are beautiful, complex, fascinating, giving creatures and the art of riding is just that.

  64. My passion and my purpose is my children! they are the light of my life – my pride and joy! They are my motivation and my inspiration ! They are amusing, funny ,clever and there is no greater sound in the world than their laughter! they enrich my life in more ways than words can describe and I Thank G-d for them and for my life every day!! they are my world! They are my life!

  65. Besides my kids, it is hair. I love the transformations that I can create with my mind and my 2 hands. I love to see the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time!

  66. oopsy, forgot. My passion is people pleasing and pampering loved ones. Love your burgundy wine bottle, but love the sunflowers on the givaway. Keep doing good things.

  67. I love all your designs just beautiful. For me my love is my family, fiancΓ© and my dogs..I love a challenge and think that the more and harder we push ourselves the more we succeed and we can never stop reaching for the stars…”If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

  68. My purpose in life is to live in a way that when I die, somebody will say “She was a nice person”. It feels so nice to think of others before yourself. OH, and baking for my 5 fantastic grandchildren, 2 adult children and their mates and my husband of 37 years πŸ™‚

  69. My passion would have to be for my children & family. My dear husband who puts up with all my other little passions, like my animals & my wild mushroom hunting addiction.

    “No fate but what we make”

  70. I just started pursuing a dream of mine, doing cakes & sweets for the public! The mixer I use now is one I got from my grandmother, which is abou… well lets just say it is old!! When I seen this “Un Amore” site on FB I was simply astonished at the beauty of these mixers!! I have been telling my husband that I needed a new one! When I saw the sunflower one, I literally think my heart stopped! I Love It!!! It is my screen saver pic now!!!! Would be my pleasure to show it off!!! ; )

  71. Nicole, you are such a talented artist. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one of your fabulous pieces of art. My passion is raising my daughters. Teaching them about life and I am still learning right along with them! I did some baking today with my daughters using my grandmother’s recipe that’s in her handwriting. I told them one day I will give them the recipes for them to bake pies with their children.

  72. I am all about following your curiosity — if you’re not doing that, you’re not following what moves you. I find I am most creative when I take a concept and then see how many different ways I can make it explode. My current project involves helping others find their passion.
    PS – Am entering, but its not about me – I will ask you to send this to a friend who lost everything in Superstorm Sandy. I’m watching her empty out her house – everything is ruined, waterlogged, destroyed. They’ve spent the week crying and drying out pictures. It would be an amazing surprise. We shall see – fingers crossed! Good intentions -yield amazing results.
    Love your work!

  73. Baking has become my passion. I enjoy creating new cupcake flavor combinations with my daughter and seeing the smiles that they bring to my friends, family and customers. Knowing that it is something that we enjoy doing together, and that it brings so much happiness to someone’s day, makes it worth all the effort.

  74. I am passionate about building family traditions. I am a new mom and grew up with great family traditions (like baking 600 X-mas cookies and delivering them to friends and family.) I am now trying to come up with new traditions that my children will grow up with!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  75. what a wonderful competition Nic. Thankyou so much for giving all of us the opportunity to own a piece of your incredible work. My passion is life and my family, including my dogs who are my babies, Tori ( a staffy ) and RubyRose ( a pug ). I love being a housewife and spending time in my kitchen always learning new things to cook and doing my vegetable garden and turning what I have grown into delicious and lovingly prepared meals for my wonderful husband and children. I think for everyone, having something significant happen in your life , whether it be good or bad, makes you sit back and look at life differently. I do not take things for granted, but cherish the little things every day and am thankful for every day that I get to spend with my family. Everything else is replacable, your family is not. .

  76. My passion is loving and pleasing my wife that I waited a very long time for and geneology of my family. I love finding out exactly who I am and where I came from and the strength,values and hard working goodness of my family before me.

  77. I have fallen in love with my husband again, a deeper more profound love. As my fight for life threatens to get me down my daughters smile and laughter makes life worth living. My heart beats for my family. My passion, my love, can be described with four words, Jesse (my husband), Parker (my oldest), Clay (#2), and Isabella (my baby).

  78. I have two passions. The first and foremost is taking care of my family both the furry and not so furry members. The second as of recently photography. I love searching for things/subjects to immortalize in pictures. There is so much beauty on our planet and I love sharing my photos with family and friends.

    Thanks again for an opportunity to win one of your beautiful pieces! Very cool!!!

  79. Getting up everyday feeling joy in every little thing, the leaves crunch under my shoes, watching the birds feed from my many feeders, feeling the cold air on my cheeks. Watching my son become a man, hanging with my near perfect husband and spending time with friends. My favorite place in my house is the kitchen. When I have a day off work I will spend all day creating wonderful things to eat and sharing with friends and family.

  80. I am a ceramic artist and avid baker. My inspiration mainly comes from the beauty of nature.
    Your work is inspiring. Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway!

  81. I am passionate about my husband. After 29 years, he still makes my heart sing. I’m amazed by the beauty of your pieces. The sunflower mixer matches my kitchen perfectly. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  82. My passion is doing whatever I can to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. I lost my husband to this horrible disease and miss him so very much.

  83. My passion is to live simply and contribute beauty to society through love, compassion, kindness and contentment. I adore my family, my values and the beautiful people that I am lucky enough to be surrounded by and I just want to give my all to making their lives as beautiful as they have made mine.

  84. My passion and motivation in life right now is my Grandchildren. I love to spend whatever time I can with them. It is so very different than when I was raising my children. This time around I can really enjoy them, without the responsibilities of parenthood.

  85. My one love/passion is family for with out them my life would be meaningless! Thanks for the chance to win your work is amazing!

  86. My life has changed because of my grandchildren it has turned my passion into getting as healthy as possible to be there for them. Sometimes we don’t realize how important we are to those around us. Taken me too long, however it’s working. Thank you, for this opportunity to win one of your amazing works of art that I could never afford, love your work.

  87. My passion is sharing the message with people that we can’t go back and have a new beginning but anyone can start today and have a new ending.

  88. My passion is my family. I love spending time with my nieces and nephew. Whether it’s going to a park, working on a craft or just simply spending time at the house. Family and friends are very important. They’re the glue that holds you together. =)

  89. I would love one of your mixers! They are beautiful. I am very passionate about baking and decorating cakes, especially for my children. They are my best supporters!

  90. My passion is my family and doing whatever it takes to make sure that they are well grounded and able to follow their dreams to achieve what they are told that they can’t do because of their heritage and disabilities my choice would be the sunflower because it represents standing tall in the face of adversaries

  91. My passion is my family. This summer my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Her chances are not even 50/50. I live to make her smile look at her eyes, and know that if time is not on our side, that she will go knowing how much we love her, and that she has filled us with more love and happiness in life than she could imagine. At this time in life, my inspiration is the strength she shows me everyday no matter how she is feeling. Time truly does fly…I’d love nothing more than to see that beautiful Sunflower mixer in her kitchen!! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your beautiful art Miss Nicole!! ❀ xox

  92. My passion is raising my six children to be caring, intelligent, compassionate and generous people. Four of them are nearly grown and so far it looks pretty good. Two more little ones are still in training. Also, your work on the mixers is amazing and I wish you the best amid the difficulties.

  93. I’m passionate about my children and family. They are my one true love in life and deserve every best moment I can give them.

  94. My passion is making people feel special and valued! I like doing this by always appreciating them and baking baking baking!!! Would love to win one of your creations!

  95. I love to create – photography, jewelry, crochet, cross stitch, pysanky, the lastest craft and having people enjoy what I have made and given to them.

  96. I have a passion for food. I love to go out to eat with my friends and have great conversations over amazing meals. I also love baking and giving my friends and family treats that can help brighten their day and make them feel special.

  97. I am passionate about my connection with my horses and dogs. I look forward to being with them every day… They give me peace, comfort, and deep fulfillment. I am an animal nut for sure.

  98. thank you thank you soo much for this chance to win one of these beauties, and thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful art with all of us, stay strong! my passion and love it being able to stay home with my children and create a loving home for my family ive been a full time working mom for the last 10 years and i do not know how i did it being away from family so much, i cherish every day and minute with them and though it may be a huge financial change in our lives i am thankful for the roof over our heads and the meals that i can put my love into to create for them and it gives me the biggest smile knowing that i can be there for them 100 % every day πŸ™‚

  99. My one true passion is my family. I love by a quote always said to me by my Dad, Live for today and not for tomorrow! Every day I wake up is another day to spend with my beautiful children xx

  100. My passion can be best summed up by a quote bt Steve Wozniak: “Happiness equals F cubed (family, food , and fun). In my case family is not just my immediate family but also my close friends.

  101. Right now I am passionate about refurbishing my Vintage 1963 Terry Trailer and being a part of Sisters OnThe Fly! And Vintage Trailer Groups!! Fun! Fun!

  102. My passion is baking. Often I bake and take to my neighbors. I am the grandma to the kids and their parents in the neighborhood who will usually smell whatever I’m baking and they will come to my door to see what I’ve made and if they can have some.

  103. My passion for creating good looking and great tasting decorated cakes is inspired by my grandchildren, 5 years ago I started making their birthday cakes and cannot explain the satisfaction I get seeing their faces with every new idea they come up with for me to create for each and everyone of them.

  104. Cooking is my ultimate passion! Making everything from scratch thats the challenge πŸ˜€ preferably with home grown herbs and vegtables from my mini garden.

  105. Have loved your mixers and talent for years now. Sorry for the recent problems. As for the answer to your question…. I love a challenge. If someone says I can’t do something you can bet I’m going to do everything in my power to achieve it. It’s the inner rebel child in my :-). Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. My passion is art. I have been an artist since I was very young & it will never grow old. I love the horned owl mixer. Would be awesome to win!

  107. Love your work IT inspires me along with your story. I paddle outrigger canoe competitively. Mother Nature in Ocean form inspires me. Healing yet unforgiving. Giving & taking. Nurturing & punishing. I LOVE the challenge of a twelve foot swell & a downwind ride against the strong current. Any issues I may have on land are immediately reduced once I’m outside the reef. Creating in the kitchen & growing food & flowers does the same on a different scale for me. Keep up your beautiful work. Perhaps you’ll consider an ocean themed design sometime? Mermaids? I’d love my Kitchen Aid to look like a mermaid, outstretched arms holding the bowl.
    THANKS for all you do.

  108. My passion is my family and making memories for my grandchildren. I’ve hoped for a fabulous mixer – thanks for the opportunity!

  109. My passion is my family. My husband, my youngest son that is still living. And keeping the memory of oldest son that was killed in Afghanistan alive. Remembering him on this Veterans Day! You do beautiful work and thanks for the giveaway.

  110. My inspiration is my husband and best friend. He works so hard to support our family. He encourages me to be whatever I want. Even if it makes no sense, he still supports me 100% in it. He is my calm in the storm and my voice of reason. He stays positive no matter what even when I come home with stray animals. I appreciate this so much.

  111. My passion is feeding and watering people. I love to cook and fellowship. Hospitality in serving the Lord… If I win I will give the mixer to my son who LOVES mine and loves to cook.

  112. My passion is my dogs. I work with an adoption group to find retired racing greyhounds loving homes. They teach me something everyday.

    I’m still a Kansas Girl at heart so it must be Sunflowers!

  113. My passion in life is making others happy. I really enjoy seeing the look on others faces when you surprise them with a gift or homemade baked goodies. I enjoy being thoughtful.

  114. My passion is definitely my family and baking. I loved being able to create the dream cakes my girls wanted, taught them to bake and create (one went on to become a pastry chef even!). After getting remarried, my family grew and I can now create for more kids and now my grandkids. There is nothing like envisioning what I can do then pushing myself to do it…I go to bed thinking about my next creation! But the best is seeing my family or friends faces when I know I have made them happy with something as small as a cupcake or homemade bread. Everyone that knows me knows that around any holiday, they are getting some kind of homemade treat! I live in the Blue Ridge mountain area, so hands down if I would win, it would have to be the Fall Leaves mixer!!

  115. My passion would have to be God, my family than friends, I love to bake and cook and the Eggplant mixer is beautiful, but my favorite is the cherry blossom one because pink is my favorite color<3

  116. My passion is to show love, kindness, appreciation, and respect to anyone I come in contact with. There is not enough of that in today’s society.

  117. My passion had always been being creative…switching mediums from paint to pencil to cake. Now my passion is my adopted son. I hope to foster creativity in him using whatever medium he chooses!

  118. My one true passion is baking. I could literally bake everyday and be happy. It’s my therapy. My dream is to have one of your custom Kitchenaids by my 50th birthday. Big fan of your work!

  119. I go after every thing I want. Bought a boat, got my Captain’s license, went to eh Bahamsas and lived on the boat for 6 months, then up to the Chespaeake Bay for 3 weeks, fought breast cancer and am now looking forward to being a grandmother. I guess living is my passion.

  120. My passion is creating something I want. Like holiday decorations that can’t be bought, home decor that is unusual. I like the satisfaction of knowing that “I did that” when it is completed.

  121. Children are my passion. I left behind a business that I owned for 13 years to become a special needs aide in a rural poverished community. No child should ever have to suffer because of circumstance!

  122. Baking & cooking are my passion! I love spending time in the kitchen whipping up just about anything, I am also a cake decorator!

  123. For me, the fun is always in the planning. I love starting WAY in advance of an event & planning everything down to the littlest detail. I love deciding on a theme & then running with it. I let my brain go wild contemplating all the things I could bake & decorate to make each party memorable & special. I put my all into it, I never do anything the “easy” way, it’s always 100% full throttle.

    Thanks for having an awesome giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  124. In love the bronze and gold stripes!!! It’s so retro and matches my kitchen. But, I also adore the fall leaves going into Thansgiving. I have a pale pink one at home that I have talked to you about doing a Hawaiian theme on someday! We talked a couple of times! πŸ™‚ ill cross my fingers! Thank you!

  125. My love, passion, and inspiration comes from the desire to do service for others. Whatever I may do to wipe a tear from a cheek, put a smile a face, or lift burdens off shoulders is what keeps me going.

  126. My inspiration is the talents and kindness of others. Your artwork on KitchenAids is amazing as always! I especially love the owl version above. Thank you for inspiring me to bake and to dream of one day owning one of your glorious creations.

  127. My love in life is caring for animals, especially those in need of love and care. Adopting an older dog is a gift and a joy. Love your work! Would be thrilled to have one of your works of art in my kitchen!

  128. My passion is making the word a better place for my son and kindly educating those around him about his special needs and how to help him. I also volunteer thru our ARC as a parent mentor. But as a destressor, I don’t do the bubble baths or any of that. I bake. Oh and coffee.

  129. Cooking is my passion. I cook when I’m stressed, happy, bored, lonely. I love to cook for family and friends, for myself, to feed my moods. I love the process-colors, smells, the transformations. Fortunately, I live with a man that appreciates everything I cook. He has two opinions on the subject, “Never complain about the food if someone took the time to prepare it for you” and “There should ALWAYS be something warm in the Crock Pot” I type this as meatballs and Italian gravy bubbles away………

  130. Art quilting is my passion. Looking forward to baking cookies with my daughter and granddaughter for the holidays! I think I’d pick the mixer with the sunflower on it, I just completed a art quilt of a sunflower field.

  131. My passion is kids…specifically adolescents. I teach 8th grade in a significantly low socioeconomic school, in a district where less than 25% of the students live with a biological parent. This is often caused by parents being deceased, imprisoned, at rehab, or often deployed (I live in a military community.) I love what I do, and cooking/baking is my release.

  132. My passions in life are thus: FAMILY and writing .My children inspire me to be a better mom than I had and to achieve my highest aspirations. From writing reviews on my blog to one day publishing my autobiography, they are my inspiration. I believe that “Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve”-Napoleon Hill. Despite circumstances from my childhood, I believe that I am destined for more, for better, for greater!

  133. One of my greatest passions is following my dreams. As the great Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

  134. I love my job. I have the opportunity to change,help,and sometime prevent certain death. I am a paramedic, altho I don’t do this alone, I am part of a team of first responders, bystanders, nurses, doctors, and fellow paramedics. Really, for me it makes me passionate for life.

  135. My passions shift. For 30 years it was gardening, currently it is sewing. I am in love with the sunflower motif, they are always nodding and smiling in the sun and breezes.

  136. What inspires me is exactly what you are doing with this giveaway. Someone hurt you and you answered by saying I’m going to make something good out of this. When you’re down, help someone. Make their life a little better even if its the smallest gesture.

  137. My greatest passion and love are my two beautiful daughters, Michelle and Lizz. They are vibrant, generous, dedicated, spirited young women. I love them!
    Second greatest would be my needlework — I always have a needle in my hand!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  138. I’m 55 and am in my retiring state of mind now. I’ve been balls to the wall for 54yrs. This year something changed me. Not sure what or why but I have a settling that is calming and relaxed. I’ve had some major challenges thru my 54yrs…more than I could of imagined. Now its all about looking at life differently with an ease and relaxing understanding. Thanks for the opportunity to enter a giveaway. You are extremely talented!

  139. My kids are my love, passion. I have always enjoyed baking but now I LOVE to make things for them and see them enjoy it!!!!

  140. My passion or inspiration would be my family. I have 3 beautiful kids that teach me something new each day! They are incredible. Another thing I love is baking (my home business). I want to make people smile and dessert does that πŸ™‚

  141. My passion is clay and making various pottery items. I get inspiration from everyday life but mostly rusty industrial stuff. I love watching people study what I have made and trying to figure it all out. Watching someone clutch it close as they walk to claim it as theirs and knowing its going to be around for 10,000 years is pretty darn special!

  142. My passion is to be well, and enjoy my life with my husband, through Christ. Before breast cancer, I felt like I was just holding my breath and rushing through life, instead of living it. Now, I just want to stay in the moment and enjoy. Trusting God and relying on His strength through good times and bad!

  143. Right now what I find very inspirational is my 27 year old daughter and her husband. They have a wonderful opportunity for both their careers. This will move them from Arizona to Indiana and at this point in their young marriage, and lives, it’s the adventure they need and deserve. I live in California, so it’s far from me BUT I know the value of this opportunity and have nothing but praise and excitement for what they’ll find ahead. I’m also inspired by the maturity and strength of character both my daughter (my only child) and her husband are showing in this big change. Taking this leap takes nerve and strength. Reminds me that even at my age I shouldn’t fight change or quit looking for new opportunities.

  144. My passion this is something I have been thinking about the last couple of years and have struggled with I have always thought a passion is something you have to excel at and I can honestly say I don’t excel at anything. LOL I now realize my passion is cooking it is something that I can do and it makes me happy and makes my family happy.

  145. My passion, apart from the obvious (family and friends) is my gardening. After living 30 years in urban settings with no land to call my own, I now own a little bit of dirt and really love to dig in it!

  146. My passion is being outdoors and sharing that passion with others; whether it be bicycling, kayaking or hiking. I love for them to see the beauty that is all around them and develop the sense of empowerment that goes along with these outdoor activities. For that reason the fall design is my favorite.
    I also love to see your designs. You take an already beautiful and useful object and bring it to an unbelievable level, using your amazing unique, creative talent. I love the way you saw, and turned the top of one of the mixers into a wine bottle.
    Thank you

  147. Organization is my passion! I drive without listening to the radio so I can think about how to better do things and organize. I am a frustrated interior designer, should have figured that out when I was younger, so I make things pretty and better in my own home by first using what I have and always thinking about resale value, of course! I love my small townhome and know that I can find anything at any time, without much thinking. Your mixer creations caught my eye some time ago and I was hooked! What a talent! I have been dreaming about having one of your designs since that first moment. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to your emails with new designs.

  148. My passions are my family and the things we do and build together. Whether hunting, ATV riding, or cooking- a family that plays and prays together- stays together in my opinion. Your life is the sum total of your relationships and what you impart into the lives of those around lives on. I love my family. πŸ™‚

  149. My one inspiration is LIFE, that’s my one love and pasion as well. Without it we do not exist. I am most happy on my knees with my hands in the dirt. You plant, you tend and you watch the wonder of life. The miricle of beauty as far as your eyes can see, your ears hear, your nose smell and all you senses coming alive with the beauty around you.

  150. I’m a new artist…I love having this new found passion…I see inspiration in the smallest of things…the was the wind moves over a field…people….the sky…anything that touches my heart inspires me…and really…what on this earth isn’t beautiful? I hope to always have this passion as I’ve had with cooking…I find they go well hand in hand. πŸ™‚

  151. My passion is kindness. Pay it forward. I don’t think there is enough of it in this world any more. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Every person has a story. I work in an airport, you don’t know what circumstances put that person in front of you, why they are traveling, where they are going, what happened at home before they got to the airport or on the way to the airport. Be nice. Never assume. Sugar goes a lot further than salt. Working or not working this is who I am.

    I am also blessed to have the BEST husband in the world. He will always be my #1 passion.

  152. My passion is also the hunt….searching for the answer to anyone’s question, researching until I find the solution to the problem. I’m also passionate about women getting their mammograms and doing monthly self exams, I send out monthly PSA’s to my friends to get them done, to get their physicals scheduled…and I hound them until they do, lol. I’m also very passionate about my children and making sure that they get the very best education that they can (both in school and at home) and i try to expand their horizons and teach them to open their minds to ideas that have not been thought yet because, really, they have not seen all that will ever be invented. Thank you for running this contest! I love your products you have amazing talent.

  153. I believe that we are here for such a short time we should live our lives passionately helping others along the way. Never turn away – do all you can.

  154. My inspiration and my passion is my grandson. He is always so happy and loving. I love see everything new through his eyes.

  155. Every. piece is breath taking. I have seen the polar bear designs.. and they are my favorite .. as i have a passion for them. A friend in. Indiana has one of your designs. (Grapes/wine) She introduced me to your site. You have a gift. Your creations are exquisite.

  156. One of my passions is following and trying to fulfill my creative streak, mostly expressed through my decorated sugar cookies.
    I think it is wonderful that you are not only giving away one of your stunning mixers but also offering your reader’s a choice of designs! That is just awesome! So too is offering this give-away world-wide and paying for the shipping.
    Good luck to all the entrants, what an honour for the winner to have one of your pieces on their kitchen counter.

  157. I feel passion when in the kitchen not only making a complete mess but baking for both humans and my parrot friends. Reaching out to help those in need – sharing a smile – watching my smelling, spitty hound dogs – being able to laugh at myself.

  158. I love and am passionate about loving….family, friends, life, etc. Also art in many forms, currently in the sugar arts, which is fun sharing with those I love. Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win a piece of your art! You are so amazingly talented!

  159. My passion and inspiration is nature. I live in the beautiful Skykomish basin, where I am surrounded by the most amazing mountains. Today it is cold and would be the perfect day to fill my home with the delightful scents of baking, while watching the birds fill their bellies at the feeders. πŸ™‚

  160. My passion is have as non selfish
    Life as possible, give my time to make
    Others feel special and cared for. We are currently filling out paperwork to rescue a dog. Hoping to add as much homemade items to the purchased items this holiday

  161. What a fun idea! I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in Umbria, Italy last month. My Passion for healthy cooking has grown to re-vamping my yard to include old stonework, different patterns for my herb garden, more grapes and figs, and olive trees! The great Michaelangelo, DaVinci, and Rafael all studied art in the region. I loved the beautiful glow of natural lighting, contrasts of bright yellow sunflowers against the changing colors of vineyards surrounded by rock walls. Italy, my newest passion! Thanks for taking me back to the sights and smells.

  162. My passion, or what makes me happy, is creating joyful moments and capturing them, for others. I love baking and cooking, and gifting the goods to others. I also love capturing moments with photography, and seeing their smiles when they see the finished product. πŸ™‚ thank you for hosting this giveaway…your work is amazing!

  163. My passion is finding new ways to use my creative energy and learning as much as I can. Lately, this has taken me in the direction of cake decorating and making fantastic, delicious things that give me the satisfaction of watching other people enjoy them. ❀

  164. I lost my passion for a while…too busy taking care of other people and children. I am finding that my passions are happily making their way back into my life. I am finding that I LOVE to cook (and bake of course!); I also am finding that I enjoy and relax when I am painting and decorating the rooms in my house (the upstairs is first on my list after the holidays); I love all my animals (4 horses, barn cats and 2 dogs that think they are people); I also love to drive and drive fast (I should have been a drag racer!). πŸ™‚

  165. My passion is cooking with my children and their friends. I love when we have everyone in the kitchen and they are all so excited about what we are making together!

  166. My passion has to be filling my home with love. We may lead crazy-busy lives like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean I for make sure we take the time to stop and hug and kiss and snuggle and laugh as a family. Our home is the safe landing spot for my family and I intend to keep it that way!

  167. My passion is spending time with my family and dear friends. I love to get together and have everyone bring their favorite dish…and just spend time catching up and making memories!

  168. Being around my special needs daughter and her friends…want to experience unconditional love and have the most fun ever…hang out with special needs young adults…they show me ever day what’s important in life.

  169. Took a long time to find mine and I think it has something to do with raising a family and all boys. They are still the loves of my life, my huband too, but the boys are all grown and I now have time on my hands. Love to bake pretty things – cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

  170. I have a passion for helping others. As a therapist I find it very inspiring to witness and be a part of a patients progression.

  171. My Passion has always been to design floral pieces. I love the smile it brings to everyone’s face when they see beautiful flowers. Lately, my new passion is my newborn son, Rory. I love to wear him in a carrier while I explain to him what I’m doing. I can’t wait to have him bake Christmas cookies with me!

    • I’m passionate about pharmacy. I’m studying to be a pharmacist now and can’t wait to start working full time to take care of patients. I love helping people!

  172. My two passions are curiosity and connections. I was a historian and loved examining what people do and why they do it. My greatest passion is for my children, family and friends.

  173. I love trying new things. I’m always trying new recipes or picking up a new hobby. It means I’m ok at a lot of things but that I’m on to the next project before I have a chance to get really good at the last thing.

  174. My truest loves are my family & friends. My passions are anything that make me radiate with energy and ooze enthusiasm – there are many! My inspiration is my Mom – the bravest woman I know who raised me to be the ambitious, independent woman I am today!

    *YOU* are an AMAZING artist! It would be a privilege & I’d be honored to have one of your designs! BEAUTIFUL!

  175. Passion to me is Doing something you absolutely love even if it doesn’t pay a cent, but that the reward of doing something you love is the pay itself. I am a graphic artist but have not been able to get my freelance career up and running, but I still play with my graphics and edit my photos. I love what I do and would nto change it for anything in the world.

  176. My passion is hiking and the out of doors – I love hiking and the beautiful views I get from seeing the horizon from atop a high place.

  177. My passion is to live my life for the purpose and glory of my Savior. I’m getting my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in May! All for Him!

  178. My love and passion are people. I believe in the power of kindness, and that it can transform a person, and eventually the world.

  179. My great enjoyment comes from moments of epiphany where I achieve understanding of something I’m learning. The lightbulb moment when just briefly everything makes sense. That is a natural high for me!

  180. My passion is to be as positive as possible and send out good energy. We do live in a universe that what we put out comes back to us 2 fold and how we come face to face with adversity try to see the positive outcome. I love your work, you are so talented.

  181. After reading some of the comments, I feel so inadequate. My sons are adults now.,but I am passionate about them , their wives and my grandkids. I am disabled, divorced and sometimes depressed. I lost 2 of my adult sons earlier this year. One to a rare cancer and one to an unsolved murder. I am so thankful for everything in my life and appreaciate each breath I take. Thank you for this great contest. .

  182. Nicole, First of all, your artwork is spectacular and I would treasure it. I am fortunate to have more than one true passion in my life. The first was always music. Writing, performing and recording original compositions with my brother Kelly in a band called The Want. Due to some injuries I can no longer do that professionally. That brings me to my 2nd passion, animals. I am a professional “Dog Mamma.” I care for other people’s dogs while they’re on vacation or while they’re at work. It’s a good combo. I still write and record music with my brother, but not nearly often enough due to the success of my business, Adventure Dog Ranch.

  183. I strive to bring joy to someone each day. If you are healthy, can walk, talk, add, measure, think, work, drive – anything……then you have a duty to care for those wo can’t.

  184. I’ve found that everyone has the capacity for happiness, but perhaps not the inclination. Being able to recognize joy whenever I see it is my passion and makes me happy. I also like being self-sufficient when I can and my KitchenAid mixer enables me to bake like a pro! Mine is just plain white but I would love it even more if it had a fancy paint job! My inspiration is my grandmother who taught me how to make homemade pickles and how to crochet!

  185. I love to learn. Being in medical school has been tough but so exciting to think about all of the possibilities in the future to help others. It is a long road but definitely one that will end in a great place!

  186. My inspiration for all my goodies that I bake is from my Dad! Ever since I was tall enough to reach the counter & a very old Sunbeam Mix Master, I have been baking and creating yummy things. My Dad & I have bounced ideas off each other for years and I’m 50 yrs old and he’s almost 82…so many, many years πŸ™‚ He has eaten some not so good and some very good treats! He had a heart valve replaced 2 yrs ago and we almost lost him twice! So any yummy thing he wants, I will make it for him! Just hearing him tell me with his mouth full…”oh, this is so good!” just makes my day! So, having a fabulous mixer, like the ones you create Nicole, would just enhance the love that goes into all the things I make!

  187. My passion you ask?? I am passionate for the elderly people especially dementia patients. I have been a long term care nurse for a VERY long time. I LOVE to cook with my demented old ladies and listen to their stories! Thanks for asking!

  188. My passion is my love, Pete! After a 30 year abusive marriage, I left to find a happy life. Unexpectedly I reunited with a bunch of old friends from high school, including my Pete, that helped me through a wide range of emotions. Pete and I fell in love almost immediately and he flew to NY to get me and we drove cross country to Tucson where he has lived for the last 30 years. We held hands the entire way across our beautiful country! I am very blessed to have him in my life and we are very happy! Turns out he had a crush on me in high school and I found in my year book where he asked me out all those years ago, which we both forgot! Just shows that change can be a very good thing! πŸ™‚

  189. Creating is my passion. Whether it be art, food, or music. I enjoy sharing with others. As a natural introvert it is hard to do some times but I always try to put myself out there. I hope that I will be able to share my creative side with my little ones and allow them to express themselves through whatever medium they choose. If so lucky to win I would choose the polka dots. That one just makes me smile each time I sneak a peak at it. Thanks for gifting a lucky gal or guy a piece of art! You rock!

  190. My Passions follow the 3 P’s
    Prayer = God gives us many Blessings so we should give Prayers of Praises
    People = Family & Friends
    Prepping = Preparedness for Emergencies Prevents Chaos for our family & allows us to start over if we need to

  191. I guess I would have to say that my passion has changed some over the years. I believe it was once said …”tis better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.” This is so true. Having lost my biggest and most important passion in my life…My Husband, the father to my children, my provider and confidant of everything good, bad or indifferent , my best friend, and may lover. To wake without the eagerness to please every moment in a day through laughter, food or excitement in a smile. But through time all things will change…Nowadays my passion is watching my Grand-Babies grow and enjoying their laughter. It is through their eyes I see my passion. Thanks for the opportunity to voice this…

  192. My passion AND my inspiration is NOT letting the pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Arthritis stop me from doing what I love to do! So I garden and I bake whenever I can! I know that it will cause me suffering later, but I can look at my pretty gardens and/or taste my baking successes… and that eases the pain somewhat! (I LOVE the sunflower mixer…it’s a combination of my two loves!! )

  193. My passion, although very late in life, is to own my own little farm. I’ve named it Ladybug farm and just waitin for the right time, opportunity, to come my way. I think its about to happen and I can hardly stand the wait to find out if it really can happen.

  194. My passion is my family they are what makes my world go round!! Then comes cake decorating, craft, and art drawing anything that is hands on I love to do!!

  195. My passion is to use warm water to balance the energies flowing in my clients, moving them through the water and letting the water ease their aches… making those connections ❀

  196. I feel happy whenever I can learn something new. So finding and looking at new creations of Nicole Dinardo gives me a happy feeling. Baking for family, friends or other persons gives a relaxing feeling just like watching animals and nature. So the designed Artisan mixers with some deep nature view or animals like the horned owl are giving that relaxing feeling like the best thinks in live should do.
    One thing is for sure: a mixer would be nice, but enjoying life as good as one can is more important.

  197. My passion has been to travel, for my entire life. As a small child, I loved the feeling of waking up and not knowing where I was (vacations). Someone once told me that I would have been a great alcoholic! Seriously, I could live out of a suitcase forever.Tony Bourdain has the BEST job in the world.

  198. My passion is wolves ! They are magnificent creatures,and my main desire in life is to see and hear one in the wild,then I can die a happy man! I collect anything wold related,and have wolf tattoos…I also donate to wolf preservation societies,and would love to start a rescue center of my own,for injured and and unwanted wolves and wolf/dog mixes!

  199. My passion and inspiraton are my 2 kiddos. I’m a stay at home mother..they are.2 &4 years old…always reminding me to slow down and enjoy life and it’s not about getting things done so fast, it’s about having fun doing it. I’d love to share the passion of cooking with them with a new mixer painted by an amazing local artist! even if i don’t win, i still wanna say..what you do is amazing..and keep great original work you do!

  200. Solving the puzzle is what drives me. Whether it be figuring out how to best work a recipe to be grain and dairy-free at home, or solving a problem at the office, I’m all about the puzzle.

  201. My daughter is defo my love, passion and inspiration!!!
    After a very horrific labour i was asked 2 call my family in 2 meet her as she wouldn’t make it through the night…when she did make it i was told she would be brain damaged and that we wouldn’t know 2 what extent until she started 2 miss her mile stones. We spent her 1st year terrified we’d miss something…not knowing what her future would hold.we all went through such a hard time….
    Now 6 years on..Seren is doing amazing!!! She is top of her class, flying ahead with her schoolwork and achieving so much every single day! Seren is an amazing little girl who who fills my life with so much joy…her determination and will 2 get on inspires meand fills my heart with so much love it hurts. (mammy loves u baby girl!!xx)

  202. My passion and joy is to serve others. I get so much satisfaction when I am able to help someone in some way or another. We are all in this life together and why not extend your hand and heart when given the opportunity.


  203. My flower gardens, they are my source of income, and provide me with endless beauty and joy.. I love working outside surrounded by flowers, with a yard full of birds and butterflies, and then harvesting what I’ve grown to create beautiful bouquets for others to enjoy.

  204. My love is my two children and husband. My passion is being a vet tech. I have been a vet tech for a decade now. It does not make a whole lot of money but I love working around animals of all kinds. In fact I am going back to school to get licensed. It got put on hold with moving and having a family. Now I figured it is my time. In my little spare time I love to craft and draw.

  205. My passions are split – my family, my dogs, my art and my home.

    Oh- and my art includes Pin up photography, if you ever need any photos for your mixers hit me up, I’d love to collaborate!

  206. My motto: “if you’re not messy, sticky, dirty and/or covered in glitter, you’re not doing it right”
    I love.bringing the craftroom into the kitchen. I developed a life limiting chronic illness a few years back & gradually found cardmaking & papercraft a therapeutic lifesaver. I’m recently married with our first home together & am slowly discovering my inner domestic.goddess! (illness permitting!) I love how many of the skills I have ( even some of the tools..- embossing plates etc!) from cardmaking that I can transfer to cake making & sugarcraft. A multi-crafter, I am the Northern Irish Martha Stewart! πŸ˜‰

  207. My passion is design! May it be through a cookie, a MIXER, or an interior, I love the creative process of it all!
    I love what you do! Amazing talent!

  208. All of the designs are absolutely beautiful!!! But since I love sunflowers it’s my favorite of the ones shown. I also love the bronze background of the sunflowers.

    I’ve had my Kitchenaid Mixer since 1978 and it’s still going strong and I use it a LOT!

    I don’t have the gift of painting but I love to sew. The feel of the fabric, the hum of the sewing machine, gifts for my family and friends, make me happy! I guess that would make it one of my passions. I also papercraft, crochet, and scrapbook.

    But my grandkids are also my passion.

    I wish everyone good luck on winning!

  209. My passion is a life of Regeneration. Frugality. Making due. Recycling. Thrift. Second-hand wonders. Sharing. Being content. Seeds. Growing. Food. Health. Learning. Principles. Adoption. Gifts.

  210. My one love is my service dog. She’s given me 13 years of unconditional love and devotion. It’s my turn to make her golden years special. Let me care for her as she’s cared for me… she should have such a fortunate life.

  211. My passion is my family and doing all I can to let them know how much I care for them. Cooking for them is my special way of showing my love for them.

  212. My passion is creating a beautiful home. That takes many forms, baking up something yummy, making a Christmas ornament, a great tuna casserole, a money saving DIY project.

  213. My passion is teaching others to play sports and working with children. Not only helping them build character but helping them find what is within themselves.

  214. My passion is being a homemaker, good and lovin’ momma, and strong supportive wife, all the while enhancing my cooking and baking skills by trying new recipes always! (which I’m pretty sure one of these super pretty kitchen aids would be oh so helpful in my undertakings)!!!

  215. My passion is the same as any mother. I live each and every second to be the best mom I can be. I love my daughter so much, and want only they very best for her. Thanks for this great giveaway! ~Amanda

  216. I’m passionate about art & always have been. It brings me joy & relaxation. I am also passionate about my husband & family. They mean the world to me.

    I love the horned owl mixer. It is stunning!

  217. My passion is travel and photography. “The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.” Your work is exquisite:)

  218. My passions change as my years increase.
    As of six months ago on the 14th I will be in business at “The New Mexicans” in Everett Wa.
    I am the chief cook and bottle washer.(as well as many other positions!)
    I am doing it because of my love for cooking and to retire in eastern Washington and get my milk cow back.( From a milk cow and chickens almost all food is possible!)

  219. My one true passion is baking ❀ of all the possible career paths I've conjured, a career in baking has always been the one I've been most sure about. Not only do I LOVE eating baked goods, but I truly love the process of baking: pouring all my love into combining the ingredients, giving my baked goods away, and watching while others enjoy them, is a truly rewarding, uplifting experience for me!

  220. Last week, I would have said something trivial. Until this past week when a friend of ours from church (he was only 30 years old) who’s been fighting cancer passed away on Wednesday.

    His message was so simple and beautiful. His message was this: “We’re all in the process of dying. So the question is: what kind of story are we going to live out as we’re dying?”

    Ryan was such an inspiration to so many people in this area (and beyond). Even Rainn Wilson (from the TV show The Office) was incredibly touched by Ryan’s story. He put together a very inspirational 8-minute “movie” called “My Last Days” about Ryan’s story. It’s so worth watching and sharing. So, I would say that Ryan Woods and his wife Jessica are a huge inspiration to me. Watch and share the video of the sweet little Woods family and I hope they will be an inspiration to you and others too. πŸ™‚

    Here’s a link to the video on YouTube:

  221. My love is surprising people by going out of the way to make them smile. There is nothing better in the world than making someone else happy!

  222. I’m passionate about beating my previous records. I like to do better, get more creative, and bake continually better things. And I really love the polka dot mixer πŸ˜‰

  223. I would have to go with the fall leaves mixer. And the reason why is the same as my passion. My life centered around the beauty of the nature. The way I feel when see the world outside. The sensation of looking at the trees, the sky, the natural world and then expressing that passion through my art. Some people will look at the world as they travel on the highway and think, how boring. I look at it with endless fascination, wondering why do trees look the way they do, why do clouds have so many shapes, intrigued by the angles and details of a person’s face, marveling at the endless colors and shapes in nature, then attempting to use that inspiration in my art. Sitting in my studio trying to travel to the place in time again, when I was originally inspired. Right now outside the glass door directly in front of me is an incredible view of fall leaves, all tones of golds, burnt oranges, lime gold yellows, they cast a golden glow over the yard and the house, spilling into this room. It is why Fall it my favorite season as the world is alive in intense color. Your fall mixer captures that feel. The way you did that base, that bottomless effect of multiple layers of gold tones.
    But basically, this is the reason why and am an artist and what drives me as an artist, it has shaped and steered my entire life and is why I am where I am. Capturing the world around me in my art.

  224. Thank you Nicole for this incredible contest. Your creative passion is amazing & inspiring! Turning ordinary, overlooked things into beautiful pieces of art!

    I love my Airman. My husband has served for 21 years and there is nothing like a deployment to remind you of the joy of being in love. We have been together for 22 years. He has taken me all over the world with him. For me to see him honor his commitment and commission daily makes my heart swell with pride. He loves being a Soldier. Currently, he is deployed until March of 2013. I thank God for the gift of being in love. I’m so thankful to be in love with a wonderful man who holds my heart with great care. Even after so many years together, he still gives me butterflies. That is the greatest passion, inspiration and love of my life, the gift of Love.

  225. I am passionate about hunting, fishing & my wife. I am trying to win this for her!

    She loves the horned owl mixer. It is definitely fantastic!

  226. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    I am passionate about decorating my home, art & my family. I love to cook too!

    I love the horned owl mixer. Beautiful!

  227. My passion is being a mother to my 3 precious boys, one of which has Aspergers and I strive to be an advocate to other moms in my area. My boys LOVE to cook with me and I just love seeing the world through their eyes… And we have an obsession with polkadot in our household πŸ™‚
    we don’t have a kitchenaid stand and would love to have the one with polkadots !!

  228. I have more than one passion…my family tops the list, with photography and cooking (but not the clean-up) tied in second.

  229. Thanks for doing such an amazing giveaway! My passion is my faith, my family and cherishing those precious moments when I can create something amazing in the kitchen or sewing room!

  230. My passion would be my family, getting together and having laughs so much till it hurts. I like the mixer with the sunflowers as its what my daughters name means in our native language. Thanks for the chance to win your stunning creations.

  231. I’m most passionate about family and relationships. I love all the interaction, private jokes, similar likes and dislikes, plans and all that goes into being a loving, close knit family who genuinely like each other!

  232. I know I have many passions…..but, if I have to point just one out it would be COLOR!
    I often say I am drawn to color as moths to light. Color makes me smile and oh so very happy. I open my eyes every day and God gives me a pallet full of COLOR and all I can do is stand in awe. ❀

  233. I love to bake. I like to make the best tasting desserts, I don’t do the cake decorating stuff but I try to make my baked goods taste and texture wonderful.

  234. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
    – Harriet Tubman

  235. My passion is trying to show those around me God’s love. I know the difference it’s made in my life and I want to share that. I try to always keep my eyes open for opportunities that are right in front of me.

  236. We own a Bed and Breakfast and we just love being able to make people enjoy their time with us, and part of that is the breakfast experience. We love to bake and we love to share. People are fascinating and the great enjoyment about the job is meeting people from all over with diverse backgrounds.

  237. My one love, passion or inspiration is Betty. She is a figment of my imagination, the namesake of my future bakery, and the kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, sweet-goodies-baking woman inside of me.

  238. My passion is creating… whether it be cooking, sewing, knitting… doesn’t matter. Making something from nothing is amazing.

  239. One passion, just one … honestly … baking. I love the expression on someone’s face when I serve them a cookie, or tart, or piece of cake.

    Fewer and fewer people bake from scratch anymore and I think it adds to the blissful looks I get when teeth sink in for a bite and taste-buds sing.

  240. I love baking and I love being able to help people. I’m the parts manager at a Chevy dealer. I get to help people solve their car problems and hopefully get them on their way to a better day. Thank you, your art is beautiful!

  241. I would have to say that though I love many things, Nature, being able to be in it and work in it and my friends children are what fuel and drive me in the many activities I am passionate and pour myself into. All that nature can offer me and these little humans constantly inspire and remind me to look at everything from more than one angle, appreciate the beauty in even a stormy situation and to focus really hard on what you’re doing and, eventually, you will be noticed for something you were passionate about while you were working on it.

  242. My Passion is pure and raw emotion when I cook I feel like a mad scientist in her lab..My apron my lab coat… My Mixer all the tools that I need to change the world to make the most beautiful of all creations..The game starts here..Go.

  243. My inspiration is to be the best I can be.. I will never be perfect. But everyday, I will work on making myself a better person. Better today than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow. There is always room for progress in one’s life..

  244. I love a challenge… especially when a customer hands me a design and says to produce this in cake… This pushes my skills and ability to the max and i get turned on by that… I am given the trust of a person to make their dream cake and its me who’s hands are trusted to create a a wow factor cake !

  245. My passion is animal rescue. I love all animals and have a couch full of foster and forever fur babies around me as I type. The love and appreciation they give you is amazing. I highly recommed fostering a dog or cat. It will change your life and you won’t regret it πŸ™‚

  246. My passion is designing jewelry and my inspiration comes from all the creative people in and around my life….you included!! So many people inspire me everyday!

  247. Family comes first, always. After a long day I can’t wait to get home to my pjs, husband, and a glass of wine. (And, hopefully someday, a baby or two.) πŸ™‚

  248. My love is my husband, 6 children, 4 grandkids and one on the way in December. They are my life. They all keep me sane in our crazy little world. They love coming home and finding homemade goodies I have made. Love your work Nicole, awesome.

  249. Being like the Phoenix, constantly rising from the ashes, improving and reinventing. One is never to old to learn or to change!

  250. My true passion – and profession – is creating recipes for and baking healthy dog treats to sell at Farmers Markets. MY reward is seeing dogs straining at their leash to get to my booth. My reward in Heaven will be Saint Peter & his dogs saying “Here it is, Bev, your own Blue Collar, paw-print covered Kitchen-Aide.” So far I’ve resisted the temptation to take a black Sharpie and make my own.

  251. My passion is learning to grow and raise my own food for my family. I love baking and cooking, but baking and cooking food I have grown and I know is organic and healthy is an awesome feeling!

  252. My biggest passion is satisfying my sense of adventure and wanderlust. Where haven’t I been? What haven’t I seen? Who haven’t I met yet? What is waiting out there for me that I don’t even know about? Life is one seriously crazy ride, and I don’t want to miss any of it!

    And, let’s face it… passing out pies and cookies along the way just makes everyone a whole lot happier.

  253. My one true passion is my family. As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a mom…its my hearts calling.
    Your work is amazing I have been a fan for a long time! Super lucky to whoever wins!

  254. My passion is my family and nature. I love nothing better than taking photos of both. That is one of my passions as well. I love hiking and miss living in Colorado where we hiked every week!! I guess the simple life I appreciate so much.

  255. My Passions are Great foods (cooking them and entertaining) and ART.I love the way you have combined the two together! I am an artist and furniture restorer and love the beauty you put into your mixers. I was thrilled the first time i saw your post- it blew me away! i never knew this was done to mixers- and your talent blows me away too- i could only hope to aspire to your level! you set the bar high!! I don’t know how to paint on metals-((i’m mostly wood..LOL) and they don’t make wood mixers LOL.. I would Love to own a fabulous creation made by your hand. It would be the showcase of my kitchen when i entertain my guests to a fabulous meal prepared with your mixer!! i see it as the fine art that it is!! You have Amazing talent! I raise a glass to your amazing work, and hope to own one someday.

  256. My children are my passion! Because of them I started baking, and I now have a son who has EXTREMELY Deadly allergies to peanuts.tree nuts. Due to his allergies I have now started revamping all of my recipes, to include him in EVERYTHING I bake. I’ve had another mother now come to me because of her child’s GLUTEN allergy, and I guess I’ve found my calling. I’m patiently waiting on the ability to get a stand mixer solely for GLUTEN FREE baking. Winning this mixer would be AWESOME!

  257. My one true passion is my daughter. Watching her grow into a lovely young woman. That being said, it is also hard to watch her grow into her own person and go her own way. Being her Mom has given me the best 21 years of my life. Of course I guess this is the same feeling any parent has with their child/children and probably isn’t the response that will win me a gorgeous mixer. My second love is cooking, baking and altering recipes to make them fit into my weight watchers routine.

  258. I am a little crazy with my passions…they chop and change around, I have to keep myself fresh! But mostly they revolve around baking bread and making stuff (lots of different stuff from building to knitting!)

    I always love to see your work πŸ˜€

  259. I was blessed to have had two parents that loved to be in the kitchen.My Dad went to chef school in the Army after WWII and my Mom was from North Eastern Italy and loved to cook and bake. I am mother of three, grandmother of 4 and my heart is in the kitchen. I love to cook, but my passion is baking. I had the opportunity to open my own bakery many years ago, but my kids came first. My birthday present for my 50th was my kitchen aid mixer! My Dad always told me, find something you love to do, and do it. So, I do, for my family, and love every second of it!!! I am one lucky lady!!!!!

  260. My passion is learning my place in this world- how do I connect, how do I bring people together. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your beautiful designs, Nicole!!

  261. Well, I have two passions my first being my daughter. She is the greatest blessing that I could ever recieve and my heart is over filled with love for her and watching all the wonderful things that she has acomplished in just her four years on this earth. My second passion is a dream that I have to open a little resturant/bakery that serves the good homecook meals that so many do not cook anymore. I love your work Nicole too.

  262. The Universe, all that we think we understand and the much more we have no clue about. Thinking it has revealed one of it’s secrets and realizing we are wrong or can only perceive the outermost surface.

  263. My Grandmother has always been the inspiration behind what I do. I am a Baker, and have had a passion for baking since I was a little girl standing next to her on a chair to cut out sugar cookies. She was an owl lover and the reson I chose an owl as my logo. She welcomed everyone into her home and into her heart. Her enthusiasm was contageous!

  264. My inspiration is my husband. He suffered a major stroke that left him without the use of half of his body. He is thankful for each day and says there is nothing he can’t do, it just takes him longer! He inspires me to be a better person.

  265. I am passionate about baking. I’d like to sound deeper than that, but I am at my happiest when I’ve spent a long day in the kitchen creating something yummy. I found my passion later in life, so it makes it extra special to me.

  266. My love & passion is in creating my soaps & body products. Inspiration comes from cooking, gardening, and sometimes even necessity. It’s always been a labor of love & luckily others can feel that in my products as well.

  267. Ah, one passion is not enough…horses, gardening, and wild places. I am so fortunate to have them all in my life as well as sharing them all with my husband, kids, and grandkids.

  268. Holy crap, you’re talented. How can anyone just choose one of your designs? I’ll have a custom one…someday. My passion has to be kids, mine especially. The feeling of making a kid’s day, especially on his or her birthday…priceless.

  269. My passion is baking and cake and cookie decorating. I just started my own baking business. I love making people happy with my baked goods.

  270. I have love reading, paper crafting, baking and a little decorating. Your work is absolutely incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  271. I am passionate about all things dental and creating delicate french pastries. As a recent dental grad I finally have some extra time to devote to the baking that I love so much!! Amore

  272. My passion is making a difference in the lives of special needs children at MPHS. If we have the opportunity to make a difference in anyones lives, why wouldnt we? It only takes 1 person to make a difffernce.

  273. I love to learn and experience new things. The best thing is to find someone passionate about a subject then teach it to you. Always expand your horizon.

  274. My passion is Baking, Cooking, cake decorating and photography.. I love to capture random life moments to look back on and give people something to smile about and my inspiration is my son, he makes me set the bar high enough that I gotta work to achieve my goals.

  275. My passion is cooking, I truly enjoy making wonderful things and making people happy with the joy of good food! πŸ™‚

  276. I would love to have the owl mixer. I have looked at your work for a long time. Your skill is incredible. When I see or hear an owl πŸ¦‰ I think of my Dad who when I was at his house the night he died I heard a big owl out side his house. He knew I loved owls so I think it was a sign saying he was ok.

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