~ Gotta Love Fall ~

Yes, it’s that time again. Love the season that is full of color, fresh scents and of course my caramel apple spiced cider from Starbucks!

Here are a few fall themed KitchenAid mixers. Some are still available on our site under our shoppe tab. Limited availability.


7 responses to “~ Gotta Love Fall ~

  1. Nic, these are perfect representations o fall! Right now, looking out my window, I see some of those beautiful fall leaves twirling down from the branches, I have beautiful pumpkins sitting on my counter waiting to become delicious pumpkin pie, and I am on my way to get the cider and mulling spices to fight the brisk air,,,thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the apples!~
    My hubby’s all time favourite baked good is apple pie, but anything with apples inside comes second. I have never had anything more than a hand blender that I was given 11 years ago, and have always had a twinkle in my eye when visiting the girlfriends’ houses who get them at Christmas, or birthdays and other big occasions. This isn’t a machine that is to be taken lightly…So the bold colours and ‘A is for Awesome…and Apples” attitude this one has is wonderful. It’s already yelling at me…”Hey, Andi….come over here and BAKE SOMETHIN’!”

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