Meadowlark KitchenAid Mixer

Love this meadowlark mixer, just perched on a wire. Really cute, great color combinations with the soft pink roses, the pale yellow bird and blue background. Sometimes its simplicity that shines brighter.


6 responses to “Meadowlark KitchenAid Mixer

  1. Beautiful! Some day I will have one of your mixers….. 🙂 I will go enter the contest you posted about earlier on FB. One never knows, and you can’t win if you don’t enter, right? Have a good day!

  2. Had a few of these guys in and around my yard this spring. Every morning they woke me up with their call and all I could think of is somewhere in America, someone is waking up to sirens and jack hammers and I have this.
    You have captured it well and the placing it on the barbed wire is the perfect touch.
    They don’t need no sticking branches!
    And boy are those little birds loud.

    Well done!

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