The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” people…

We know who you are. You have those awesome parties just to show off your hideous sweaters…and I LOVE it! So much so that we decided we needed to come up with a line of mixers that reflect the likeness to the sweaters to complete the package! hahahaha Call me crazy, but I tell you what I am planning our shop party around one, now! πŸ˜‰


8 responses to “The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” people…

  1. I love those sweaters and even though I don’t have one to wear…..seeing them on people makes me smile. Your mixer design…..makes me smile, as well. The mixers…they last a long long time. My daughter just took my 32 year old Kitchenaid stand mixer…..packed it up in her move to Indiana. The mixer….just goes and goes and now is an across the nation traveler. Thanks for the unique mixer design. Love it.

  2. Yes, I confess…I wear Christmas sweaters, lol. This mixer is awesome! I would proudly display it. The ladies at my annual cookie exchange would be green with envy.

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