Toile mixer in Eggnog Yellow!!

This mixer took me several months of research just to try to design it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try, it wont work, you have to wait until it comes to you…then one morning I came into work and it happened. In just 10 minutes the design was done! Unreal considering how many hours I agonized over it trying to make something work that was this elaborate.

After the initial “sketch” was done digitally by me, Zach (our amazingly talented graphic designer) needed to prepare the artwork accordingly. So he needed to work on it for at least several days. During the interim, my next challenge was to make yellow stand-off of white. You know, so you don’t get that dizzy spell? It was to be an eggnog tone to be exact, so after several test panels, I perfected the color yellow. Not too green, not too bright, but just right…

After I got everything in line and ready it was time to get painting. I did a matching blender, food processor and mixer as a matching set.

The artwork is based on seventieth – eighteenth century french Toile, but modernized, then we added a custom band with the name “Country Kitchen Edition.”

This set, to me, is where less is so much more. It’s elegant, timeless and subtle, but still has a lot of detail. Very cool and now I can say I’ve successfully done a TOILE mixer!! haha







6 responses to “Toile mixer in Eggnog Yellow!!

  1. When I first looked at this completed design I immediately thought of some lace toile curtains that I’d once had – and loved. I do think you got the design and coloring: SPOT-ON! Fabulous…..and I’m sure there is nothing ‘simple’ about it. Thank you for sharing. You definitely inspire me.

    • Thanks!! I love reading all your comments. I appreciate it very much. Yea, this was definitely a complicated project and I couldn’t be happier it came out as awesome as it did. I guess that is the rewarding part for artists ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. uh-oh. Another “favorite”!!! So you there DO matched sets! Wow!! I was just thinking how cool that would be! Beautiful!

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