Rosie is a badass

Rosie stands for so much. “She is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories during World War II.” She’s a woman who can be the cute homemaker, but also a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty. She’ll roll up her sleeves and dive in.

So when my client came to me with a spin-off of a Rosie theme that represented her, I had to do it! Talk about fun yet challenging to make it fit on to one mixer and still have it tell her story.

She wanted it in a particular era, Rosie the homemaker who bakes for her loving husband with a cute Sputnik wallpaper behind her, tearing away and revealing that she is still tough as nails underneath it all. She is in an old hotrod shop, welding, with parts stacked in the back, special lamp hanging from above, steel walls, hanging sign with the old bulbs, some burnt out.

Here is the shop girl Rosie:



The wallpaper being torn away and revealing Rosie’s tough side:




Homemaker Rosie:




5 responses to “Rosie is a badass

  1. Rosie looks like you but how fitting……..she’s like a modern day Betty Boop. Very nice and creative design. Love it. Thx for sharing.

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