My first PR / Editorial Photo Shoot

So in Dec after my last Christmas rush I had my very first editorial styled shoot. I have complete camera phobia, so this was a bit nerve wracking for me, considering that typically I am shot doing working tasks etc…this time it was just me and the lens. Very intimidating… The comforting part was working with a professional like Fiona Pepe who knew how to make me feel comfortable and directed me during the shoot. I also got to work with my friend Stace who has done all my makeup and hair since my first photo shoot for Un Amore. I was styled by Dana from Sustalux.

Since Washington weather is unpredictable, we opted for the in-studio setup. I didn’t get a chance to rock my new Taylor Says heels like I had hoped for, so we will be scheduling another shoot just because of my shoes LOL in the near future. Yes, they’re that dope. I have included my heels to share with you, as you can see they are pretty awesome! Visit her site to see her full collection!

It was a great experience despite my nerves getting the best of me. Here are a few shots from that shoot. A huge thanks to a great team to work with and the opportunity to be shot by Fiona Pepe.









5 responses to “My first PR / Editorial Photo Shoot

  1. You are beautiful and how amazing to have Fiona photograph you! Wow! You should be so proud of these awesome pics. Those shoes are unbelievable! You deserve those.

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