Custom Rooster themed KitchenAid Mixers!

This was a popular run of custom Rooster themed KitchenAid mixers we had on our schedule. One rooster was done to look like an old wood sign backdrop, another rooster was done to match their kitchen theme in golden yellow with bright reds, and another to match her vintage dishes. All each unique, but with a personal twist to meet our clients decor.

Rooster with flourish

Rooster with flourish 2

Rooster with Flourish

Rooster on Golden Yellow

Rooster on Golden yellow 2

Rooster on Golden yellow 3

Rooster on Golden Yellow 3
Rooster on Wood 3

Rooster on Wood 4

Rooster on Wood 2

Rooster on Wood 1



3 responses to “Custom Rooster themed KitchenAid Mixers!

  1. I love ALL your paintings and I love my K/A mixer. I would love to see see hens and goats. One can always find rooster decor (and that’s great!) but even though the cock crows, it’s the hen which delivers the goods! LOL! and I love my little Nigerian Dwarf goats, too!

    • Yes, I know the hens deliver the goods ;), but since each of these are custom made for my clients, it’s ultimately up to my clients to decide which elements they want to include. The Rooster dominates because of his amazing colors. 🙂

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