About Un Amore INC by Artist NICOLE DINARDO

Artist:  one who produces works in any of  the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.

Nicole Dinardo is Un Amore Custom Designs.  This Texas born, now Snohomish, Washington native, went from pastels and paints as a child, to pen and ink, digital imagery then to airbrushing.  Her challenging past and perseverance, led her to an apprenticeship that would alter her life forever.  Knowing that she had a gift that she wanted to share, combined with a strong work ethic, Nicole has put in the many long hours necessary to breathe life into the now flourishing Un Amore Custom Designs.  The custom, hand painted, one of a kind Kitchen Aid Mixers are redefining custom couture and redecorating kitchens everywhere.  Nicole enjoys the challenging Kitchen Aid curves, using her natural abilities and vision to bring clients ideas to life.  Every custom painted Kitchen Aid mixer has an artistic pulse all it’s own.  The time has come.  The time is now.  Your custom hand painted Kitchen Aid mixer is waiting just for you.

Nicole wants to offer many thanks, much love and a lifetime of big hugs to her two beautiful children and her “rock” Mike.  ” Sometimes I am the only one in the picture, but if you look closely, you can see my whole family, without whom I would be lost.  No one stands alone!”

Please visit us at http://www.un-amore.com for more information!

24 responses to “About Un Amore INC by Artist NICOLE DINARDO

    • Great Question!

      I don’t…yet. I am however considering it. I would rather offer decals that are classy, then the other ones on the market. The other designs are not very flattering to the mixer. I will keep you informed if I do.

  1. I just discovered your fabulous Kitchenaid designs via Pinterest. However, I wasn’t able to pin my favorite directly from your blog or your website. The only way I could do it was by saving the image and uploading it, which doesn’t lead anyone to you. 😦 I love my Kitchenaids, but now they look so ordinary!

    • You can pin them, only from the blog name, not on my about Page or the general page. You need to click the title of the post you would like to load, then click your Pinit tab. The pics should load or pin from our Pinterest at /unamoreinc 🙂

      • Awesome! Thanks.. got it now. Didn’t think to click on the title. The full-view shot of the design I wanted to pin wasn’t on your “My Artwork” board, or I would have just repinned it.

  2. Hi, I really love your work. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer on my ‘Christmas List’ and would live one transformed by you. I live in Scotland though……. Would it be possible??

  3. Hi! I have been a fan of your work for at least 2 years now! That’s about the time I discovered you. I have had a collection of Artisan mixers for several years. I recently sold my pink one and bought the Ice blue one to compliment my remodeled kitchen. {most people think I’m nuts matching my mixer to my knew kitchen} Now I am just saving up my dimes and nickels to hopefully one day have you paint it for me! You are an amazing artist! On my Pinterest page under Kitchenaid Mixers I pinned a pic of what look like painted fire extiguishers. If you are interested you can take a look. My page is Yolanda Gordon and you will see a black and white photo of my daughter. Just look up my Kitchenaid Mixer board.

  4. I would love to see some mermaid art like Karen Bagnard’s “Sea Witch” or “Under the Water Lillies”, some hummingbirds, fairies, dolphins and more. After seeing your African design, I thought about my passion for the howler monkeys in Costa Rica. I bet you could do one with a howler laying on a branch in a mango tree eating a mango.

  5. I just looked at your gallery and see that you actually have done some hummingbirds and dolphins. Sorry about that, I am just learning how to navigate your beautiful site.

    • I have a lifetime guarantee against fading paint lifting, anything as long as you don’t chip it yourself. If you hit it hard it will chip, it’s paint. I’ve been doing this for 9 years and have only have had to repair 3 mixers.

  6. Por favor quisiera mas informacion acerca de su trabajo hecho con una batidora KitchenAid personalizado con el tema del juego Candy Crush, necesito saber como puedo encargarle un trabajo parecido … es para un regalo para mi esposa, espero su mensaje.. un saludo

  7. I would love to purchase your Kitchen Aid stand mixer. White mixer with cherry design. How can I get it and how much is it? It’s just BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for your time. You are so very talented!

  8. How do I order a custom mixer, I love your work! Would like to put one of your works of art in my upcoming shop.

  9. Hi Nicol,

    I saw your tyedied Gratfeul Dead Kitchenaid and fell in love with it. My brother is a huge GD fan (he followed them for a year in his VW Van) and an amazing chef…AND, an artist. This October is his 50th birthday and I think he’d love this piece, thee perfect gift. I live in Toronto, Canada and I wondered if you sell your pieces, how much, and if you ship to Canada?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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