New Shop!

I truly appreciate your patience during this lengthy process of moving my shop that has been well overdue (We moved this last March). The last shop I was in was shared with my ex-boyfriend for 10 years…I really underestimated how long it would take for this fresh start. I’d like to take the time to apologize once again. Also the reason for my lack of posting, lack of blogging updates etc…

So I’m almost caught up, I’ve had to teach myself some finishing techniques, like adding the final gloss that I used to subcontract out since I used to only stick to artwork.

Now that I am a one man show I feel more confident in all aspects, although, it has taken considerably longer than I planned, which I am truly disappointed in… However, it has made me much more self-sufficient and able to provide a better product and service all around. I’ve been getting things dialed in and feeling so great about it.

I am truly and gratefully appreciative for all of my clients who have been so generous, gracious and understanding during this chaotic time.

The absolute last thing I want is to have anyone’s project here longer than necessary. I want you to be able to enjoy it and make memories like I have and continue to do so with mine. To me these are not just pieces of art that I create but I also consider them as a family heirloom, for many to pass down to loved ones. It’s a lifetime art piece that isn’t limited to just appreciating but actually functional artwork. Making memories in the kitchen can be the best and most precious memories of all.

So now that I have worked through a lot of the setbacks I hope to be getting you a tracking number once I generate one so you can track your mixer when it’s on its way.

Once again thank you for your patience and support. I’m looking forward to you receiving your baby as soon as possible. Much Love, Nick

Here are a few images of progress when I first moved in that I’d love to share with you 🙂 It’s approximately 2200 SQ FT. An office, a large 17×20 front room, front bathroom and shop bathroom in the warehouse area. These images are older so a lot has been done since then that I have yet to take pictures of.

I practically left with nothing from the last shop. I had to get a new compressor, work tables, regulated paint cabinets, shelving, furniture, computer programs and equipment, new paint booth…paint, down to the most ridiculous thing as stir sticks. Most was left at my exe’s shop, some of which that belonged to me, but I didn’t take it. So I had a lot to get together to get going.

Front room before I painted it

Front bathroom which is gold and purple

My shop / warehouse bathroom


The warehouse as I was setting up

My office that is done

‘ll be sure to put in more effort again as I now feel I’m getting back into he groove of things. Hope you are all doing great as well!! xo


Custom Chef Themed Mixer

I love this cute chef themed custom KitchenAid mixer we painted, adorned with checkered accents and (ghosted) utensils. It matches her decor for her chef themed kitchen and pottery she has displayed.



Tuscan Kitchen Edition

yes, yes, yes please!!!

I knew when I got this project, exactly what design I would do, the colors, everything!

Here was my initial “concept”

And here is our final product…




Love, love, love… Black bamboo!

The minute I designed this one, it was more of a familiar kind of love. A love that I thought I lost, but certainly I did not.

This is elegant, sexy, yet very masculine design I did for Mr. Chef Art Smith. I wanted it to be a true reflection of his style with an added touch that was close to his heart… That included finding a way to incorporate his Common Threads heart. Chef Art Smith is Co-Founder of Common Threads and it’s an amazing program that helps low-income children the importance of a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, teaches them how to cook and celebrate cultural differences. You can click the link above for more detailed info. The Chef Advisory board is pretty impressive!

We did his name and common threads heart in 23kt gold, while leaving the rest monochromatic tones for the bamboo elements. The gold was then burnished to achieve the checkered pattern in the heart. I really love this one and if I could keep it, I would. 😉



We did a food processer to match as well!


Toile mixer in Eggnog Yellow!!

This mixer took me several months of research just to try to design it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try, it wont work, you have to wait until it comes to you…then one morning I came into work and it happened. In just 10 minutes the design was done! Unreal considering how many hours I agonized over it trying to make something work that was this elaborate.

After the initial “sketch” was done digitally by me, Zach (our amazingly talented graphic designer) needed to prepare the artwork accordingly. So he needed to work on it for at least several days. During the interim, my next challenge was to make yellow stand-off of white. You know, so you don’t get that dizzy spell? It was to be an eggnog tone to be exact, so after several test panels, I perfected the color yellow. Not too green, not too bright, but just right…

After I got everything in line and ready it was time to get painting. I did a matching blender, food processor and mixer as a matching set.

The artwork is based on seventieth – eighteenth century french Toile, but modernized, then we added a custom band with the name “Country Kitchen Edition.”

This set, to me, is where less is so much more. It’s elegant, timeless and subtle, but still has a lot of detail. Very cool and now I can say I’ve successfully done a TOILE mixer!! haha