Custom Chef Themed Mixer

I love this cute chef themed custom KitchenAid mixer we painted, adorned with checkered accents and (ghosted) utensils. It matches her decor for her chef themed kitchen and pottery she has displayed.




Sugar and Spice!

Happy Valentine’s day – Love birds!

What better day to post this than on a day about love…

This mixer is themed ‘sugar and spice’ and embodies just that. From a fairytale dragon breathing fire, to intricate bronze flourish, roses and buds, to their beautiful wedding picture capturing a very special day…this mixer has everything while still feeling sophisticated. Final details were embellished in Swarovski elements. ENJOY!

IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4576 IMG_4584 IMG_4614


Something Different

Hello all! I have been so behind on my schedule that I have forgotten to blog! Eeek!

Oh well, better late than not at all, right?

Love this halloween-ish feel to this lovely mixer. My client even wanted her name on the gravestone. Such a cool request and keeping it personal and unique! I love it!

Blue and White Quatrefoil Design Mixer

Loving this same Quatrefoil we did for Tori, but now in Carolina Blue! She was even customized further with hot pink bling and personalized with a hot pink “W” on the back.

Chocolade Kindje Custom KitchenAid Mixer – Lovely Vintage theme

LOVE this vintage chocolate themed KitchenAid mixer. The original “chocolat Menier” is such a cool theme, so we made our own version, “Chocolade Kindje,” Belgium for Chocolate Child. Finished with a hand-crafted, cream colored pinstripe by Dave Austin. ❤







Seattleites, here’s your KitchenAid!

Yup, this one is for our Emerald City. I love Seattle, it may rain, but well worth it in our summers.

I have lived here for many years, but haven’t had the opportunity to travel around much. When I googled the Olympic National Park, I thought to myself this is beyond words…it can’t be real. It’s so majestic. I am surprised I never knew this place even existed. I am making a point to take off work and visit it soon.


Pike Place Market neon sign at dusk, starry night.

Starry night over the city skyline.

On the side: Olympic National Park at dusk, waves rolling up the shore, sun setting behind the rocks.
The center has a bald eagle flying into the Evergreen trees.

Mount Rainier on the top.

Football Themed KitchenAid Mixers

Here are a few fun ideas for football themed mixers. These are more inspired by designs…. If you could choose any theme, what would be your favorite? Is it your college team or home team?