Atlanta Themed KitchenAid Mixer

When I was asked to do a Atlanta Georgia themed KitchenAid, I was ecstatic. My client left the design up to me to do, so being that Martin Luther King was born there, I just had to incorporate him.

IMG_2003 IMG_1988 IMG_1983 IMG_1977



Love this mixer we just finished!

This theme was provided per the clients request. She wanted that tile styled artwork, very painterly, very rich, and then we added the “K” for her name on the label and as if it were etched on the glass. Truly a fun experience and loved doing this style! We also had it documented for a fun Un Amore promo video done by Heather Lynn Photographie! We will post that once Keith has it completed.

Wine Bottle Mixer

Here is one of personal favorites, a wine bottle KitchenAid mixer! This particular one was customized with a name and current date. She’s heading en-route to Paris, France.

This is one of my very first designs and I find it funny that I haven’t done one is such a long time, but so glad we created another!

Love this textured looking label