Custom Chef Themed Mixer

I love this cute chef themed custom KitchenAid mixer we painted, adorned with checkered accents and (ghosted) utensils. It matches her decor for her chef themed kitchen and pottery she has displayed.



HotRod for the Kitchen, Italian style…

Love the bright colors, the faux chrome, the italian flag. It’s anything but subtle.



Red, White & Blue

Here are some awesome pieces I’ve had the privilege of doing. Red, White & Blue baby!

Custom flag artwork on KitchenAid stand Mixer

Custom flag artwork on KitchenAid hand mixer

Custom flag artwork on KitchenAid Blender base

Need a little color?

Who doesn’t love peacock feathers? Seriously, they just might be the perfect color combination in nature…well, there are a lot of other amazing patterns, but this is one of them on my top 10!

Some lovely concepts here:


Sports themed custom KitchenAid Mixer

So finally I had a sports theme I could do. There are certain restrictions that come along with doing these. So trying to do one the way I’d like to is sometimes challenging. I love sports and my son plays football, so it was definitely fun for me to do this!

I plan on doing other colors, themes, designs etc…so plan on more to come. I really excited about these and now the men can have fun in the kitchen now too ;)…hear me ladies? LOL

This one even has a custom band that reflects the skin of the football. Notice the speed markers?

Black Leopard Custom KitchenAid

Here’s a fun spin…from our standard bronze / gold leopard themed kitchenAid to monochromatic version. Black animal print mixer with black metallic base.


Love this mixer we just finished!

This theme was provided per the clients request. She wanted that tile styled artwork, very painterly, very rich, and then we added the “K” for her name on the label and as if it were etched on the glass. Truly a fun experience and loved doing this style! We also had it documented for a fun Un Amore promo video done by Heather Lynn Photographie! We will post that once Keith has it completed.